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July, 2005

Speakers For A New America Justice Speaking Tour: Voices From America's Rust Belt

"I see the justice tour as a chance to help people realize what is going on in other places similar to theirs. My town and other towns in Michigan are increasingly threatened by poverty and deindustrialization. To see that other communities are affected in the same way will, I hope, help people see the power that lies within their united hands. What is happening to Benton Harbor is happening all over the state and country. If we allow capitalism to continue its destructive wake, we will find all of us impoverished without an ability to stand up against it. Now is the time for unified action!"

- Atlee McFellin, a student hosting a series of debates in Battle Creek, Michigan.

America is in crisis. As industry shuts down, whole towns are dying or being taken over by corporate developers. Family homes are even subject to the profiteering, and the federal government passes new laws to legalize the theft. Those who stand up for justice, as in Benton Harbor, Michigan, are met with police terror. Nearby, in Detroit and Flint - cities once known for being centers of auto manufacturing - former auto workers and their families struggle for water and shelter.

The Justice Tour puts a spotlight on the immorality of a system that cares only about the private property, wealth and privilege of the few. The speakers bring a vision of hope for a New America.

Speakers include:

Rev. Edward Pinkney, a Benton Harbor, Michigan, pastor who fights for the poor who was arrested on trumped up voter fraud charges.

Marian Kramer, a leader who is fighting to turn water back on for 40,000 Detroit households.

Bob Lee, editor of the People's Tribune.

These and other speakers are available. Call Sandy Reid at 800-691-6888 or email info@speakersforanewamerica.com for a free Justice Tour packet about bringing speakers to your city.

Find us on the Web at www.speakersforanewamerica.com.

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