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February, 2006

Voices from America's Rust Belt: JUSTICE SPEAKING TOUR

  • Richard Monje, UNITE-HERE Union.
  • Maureen D. Taylor and Marian Kramer, Michigan Welfare Rights.
  • Bob Lee, Editor, People's Tribune.
  • Rev. Edward Pinkney, BANCO.
  • Autoworkers, and more.

America is in crisis. A struggle against corporate power is unfolding. Communities are fighting to turn water back on for Detroit's poor, in defense of Delphi workers in Flint, for justice in Benton Harbor, Michigan's struggle against Whirlpool, for health care in Ohio's devastated towns. The Justice Tour puts a spotlight on the immorality of a system that cares only about the wealth and private property of the few. Speakers discuss why the Rust Belt is a harbinger of the future for America, and share experience in the struggle for a New America.

Invite a speaker to your city. Build a broader awareness of what is at stake: poverty for the majority, or a new world. Contact us today.


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