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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed. To that end, this paper is a tribune of the people. It is the voice of millions struggling for survival. It strives to educate politically those millions on the basis of their own experience. It is a tribune to bring them together, to create a vision of a better world, and a strategy to achieve it.

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March 2006 Issue:

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Struggle of working class women part of fight to liberate humanity

The recent death of Betty Friedan provides an opportunity to reflect on the unfinished work of the movement for women's rights. Friedan stoked a movement around equal pay, promotion opportunities and maternity leave. The movement made progress, even though the gains were largely limited to middle class women. Friedan contributed at a time when capitalism was expanding. It was a period of great social unrest and hard fought battles to reform capitalism.


Cover Story

The homeless: Living proof of a dying system

"No way you touching my kids," said John Cobbins of Chicago, a 39-year-old homeless single parent of four children. With this remark, Cobbins was recalling his fears as he and his children were being driven away from a homeless shelter. Although he had been told his children were being taken to a school, Cobbins was fearful that they were secretly being taken away from him to be placed in foster homes.


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