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May, 2006

The Deportation Blues

I went to many countries
throughout the Americas
and told the people there
what we wanted to do.

"We want to deport Bush
and his top henchmen!"
But every one of those lands
absolutely refused.

"We're not a garbage dump,"
they said, "Nor a gangster refuge.
Those guys and that Rice have
War & Death in their eyes

and they'll stink up our streets
so that even our dogs will wonder:
what kind of turds have come down,
what sort of new dog-flu?

"Listen," they continued, "that gang
has made it so that when our poor
are forced to flee the poverty
their corporations have cooked up,

we face death at their borders
or, if caught, deportation.
Instead of being welcomed into
their nation, given passports,

allowed to come and go like
any ordinary hermana y hermano,
we have to live and work like
criminals for slave-labor wages

with deportation over our heads.
And they're always tightening
the screws, even on these Blues,
so until they come to their

immigration senses, and be like
the words on the Statue of Liberty,
you can take that junta of rotten herrings
and dump it in the cold dark sea."

- Jack Hirschman

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