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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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July 2006 Issue:

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The Roots of the Immigration Crisis

The American government is sending heavily armed troops to seal the Mexican border. Aping Israel, they hope to build a fence to keep the "Barbarians from the gate." France is facing a political crisis as immigrants from Northern and Western Africa filter through Spain and into the French metropolitan areas. German Nazis are emerging from the ashbins of history to attack Germans of Turkish or Arab origin. ... What in the world is going on?


Cover Story

Let's Declare Independence from a System That's Making Us Poor

July 4 -- Independence Day -- is the anniversary of the American colonies declaring their independence from Britain. Americans mark it as a day to celebrate freedom, but for the great majority of us, whatever freedom we have is tainted by poverty or the growing threat of being plunged into poverty. In reality, a new struggle for independence has been forced upon us -- a fight for independence from an immoral system that is condemning more and more of us to poverty and threatening our lives and freedom.


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