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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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August 2006 Issue:

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How we can stop the war against humanity

At a time when millions of us live in poverty and millions more are sinking into poverty, the US government is spending billions to prop up Israel and to enforce US domination of the Middle East. It should be clear that the war against Lebanon is part of a global war on the poor. This war is in the interest of the giant corporations that run the US and the world today, and not in the interest of the vast majority of us who must sell our labor power to live.


Cover Story

New Orleans One Year Later: Government Continues to Abandon the Poor

It's been a year since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and the Gulf Coast while the government stood by and did nothing. For the poor of the Gulf Coast, especially of New Orleans, not much has improved, and what is being done to the poor of New Orleans could represent the future for most of us, if it hasn't happened to us already. New Orleans is being remolded to suit the corporate interests that run our country.


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