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October, 2006

This house of hunger

For the American kids who
go to sleep each night without supper

This house of hunger has
millions of kids in it.
Breakfast and lunch is
all they're worth.

Fat Exxon and Bechtel
have billions of bux in them.
What pretty profits to set
before King Death!

Banks stink with the stench
of unmitigated greed.
Ms., Mr. and Mrs. Indifference
included in their digital speed,

while those kids lie abed
each night without even
a cup of bullion in their
trembling hands.

O go kill the children in other
lands, America, you shootiful,
and cover for the murders
you plant in your own backyard.

Keep insisting you're democracy,
but in the starving darkness
those sad, lost eyes
know the truth of your icy lie:

that you've sold all the marbles,
in their little sacks
to the bullies who applaud because
they won't give them back,

and you've stolen the bread
that cried for their mouths
and turned it into dirty dough,
and that's why, when finally
they manage to fall asleep, their
dreams call you The Haunted House,
put a spell of the Sun on you
to burn you down,

so that greedy spirits flee,
and fields grow rapidly
good things for hungry
little bellies to eat.

-- Jack Hirschman

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