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November, 2006

Poems from Blood Run

By Allison Adelle Hedge Coke Blood Run cover


When disease rode trade blankets
wove way across oceans, rivers,
my People reeled. So many crossed
into the next world, my fullness ruptured,
poured as sores upon then-tainted blistered skin.
It was too much for Memory, to bear.
Since time ago, slowly erased all
eye could see, truth held
within my reaches for falcons'
sure vision. It is in these vaults
time, place, I exist even today.
In the end, all will dissipate, join me.

Snake Mound

Present invisibility
need not concern.
My weight remains
heavy upon this land.
weaving, incurve,
mouth undone
for egg swallow.
Though my body
suffered sacriface
to railroad fill,
my vision bears
all even still.
Be not fooled.
Be not fooled.

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