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By Orlandis Cage

"People say that they are looking out for the homeless and they get government grants to help out, but instead they put it all in their own pockets that is suppose to go for a building intended in helping the homeless. But yet they charge them $450-$500 a month for rent.

Homeless people reach out for help but when its not there they lose all faith and hope in those who say one thing and do another. People need to give the homeless people a chance in life, and to help out the single homeless men as well as the women. Housing is more available to a single homeless woman while a single homeless man is put on the backburner and then people wonder why men act like they do. But...they have lost confidence in people when they say they are looking out for the homeless. But what about the men who are really trying?

This leads a lot of homeless men into personality and attitude problems as well as alcohol, drugs, gambling, and sexuality which leads to depression and suicide. What if they were homeless? They need to put themselves in this position to really know what it feels like to be living on the streets. But the name of the game is trying to survive day by day and living on a prayer that someone will take the time to listen and to really care about homeless people who have feelings and rights as well.

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