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Benton Harbor rally for justice.
One of the most important court hearings in Michigan will be held on Aug. 24, 2007 at 1 PM. It will focus on the illegalities of Rev. Edward Pinkney's "vote fraud" trial. Justice in Berrien County took a big step backward into the darkness of fear and bigotry when an all white jury convicted a Black community activist. The jury's willingness to find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, relying on testimony from Brenda Fox was an indication that the jury violated the sanctity of the oath and was motivated by something other than the pursuit of truth. Pinkney's lawyer said you couldn't send a dog to the dog pound on the testimony of Brenda Fox.

A 12 noon rally will be the same day at the corner of Riverview and Main, Benton Harbor, at the Michigan Works building. (There will be a second hearing and rally on Sept. 21, 2007, at 12 noon.)

The whole country is needed for support. Corruption is not only out of control in Berrien County, but in all 50 states. It is important for you and your group to support Rev. Pinkney and the Benton Harbor community, which is undergoing an enormous struggle for justice. It is the struggle of a lifetime. Rev. Pinkney is leading a fight against one of the biggest international corporations. Human abuse from these corporations is occurring every day in America -- but many Americans think it can't happen to them.

There will be six motions heard on Aug 24:

  1. Motion to dismiss for failure to arraign
  2. Motion for a new trial based on effective assistance of counsel
  3. Motion for new trial based on the lack of public trial
  4. Motion to dismiss based on jury bias [juror contaminated the jury]
  5. Motion for denial of a fair jury trial under the fifth and six amendment based on the denial of the challenge to systematically under-representation of minorities on the juries
  6. Motion to dismiss for failure to allow due process

Send legal donations to: BANCO, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022

We're Not Using Our Constitution
"We should give Iraq our constitution. It was written by intelligent people. It has worked reasonably well for over 200 years, but we're not using it anymore. The poor are forced to fight for a new America, free of want with justice and cooperation. If all Americans unite around the struggle of the poor, their vision of a new world can be won."
Rev. Edward Pinkney


Ninety-five year old woman maced by Benton Harbor police
Mrs. Marie Washington, age 95, of 692 Highland St. in Benton Harbor, was sitting on her porch one night recently when a fight broke out down the street. A police officer came to her house and told her that her grandson was involved. She said, "No, two families were fighting." THE POLICE OFFICER MACED HER IN THE FACE AS SHE SAT IN A CHAIR. This shows that you are never to old to suffer police brutality in Benton Harbor.

Police chief almost kills a woman for smoking
On June 11, 2007 Ms. Masseline Cleve was given a karate chop to the throat by Benton Harbor Chief of Police, Al Mingo. The blow was so hard it knocked the air out of her and she felt as if she might not recover. He walked over to her in a park thinking maybe she was smoking a marijuana cigarette but found it was a regular cigarette. Police brutality rolls on in Benton Harbor. It matters not if you are a Black man or woman: you better beware.

Charter Provision
A Charter Provision, will be placed on the ballot for a public vote. It says, "As we the voting residents do hereby approve the establishment of a Civilian Investigated Panel WITH SUBPOENA POWER THAT INVESTIGATES ALLEGED POLICE MISCONDUCT AND IMPROPER PROCEDURES AND PRACTICE. A PETITION IS BEING CIRCULTED. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. Whirlpool runs Berrien County in every way: BOYCOTT WHIRLPOOL & OUST UPTON!

No water in jail
The Berrien County jail was in a environment health hazard condition recently. . . no water . . . you could not even flush the toilet , you could not wash your body, your hands or face.The whole jail was stinking. It was a whole lot of suffering for the prisoners in Berrien County, Michigan
Rev. Smith

Save Jean Klock Park!

Whirlpool and developers are trying to turn the historic Jean Klock Park on Lake Michigan in Benton Harbor into an expensive golf course surrounded by extravagant homes.

"The project is a coup for Whirlpool, which will have upscale homes and amenities to offer its executives… developers expect two-thirds of the homes to be bought as second homes, many by Chicagoans."
Detroit Free Press, August 3, 2007

Watch the Save Jean Klock Park video

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