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Pam Kinkaid
By Sandra Reid

Pam Kinkaid, a courageous leader in the struggle against the City of Fresno's destruction of homeless people's property, has brain damage and is being taken off life support. Mike Rhodes, editor of the Community Alliance, said "Pam went through the door to an outside balcony at the nursing home (an alarm is supposed to go off) and somehow went over the edge. It is not clear if Pam slipped and fell, jumped, was thrown, or slipped over the side. Her brain was compressed into the stem of the spinal cord.

"Pam was one of the many homeless people who you wouldn't know was homeless unless she told you. For this to happen to her speaks volumes about the tragic conditions in our country" said Jeremy Alderson, Director of the Homelessness Radio Marathon.

Many unanswered questions remain. One, how did it happen? Two, why did Pam receive such outrageously bad care? Three, Pam was put in a nursing home recently because she had been severely attacked. Her boyfriend was an eyewitness to her attack. He said that the police are implicated. Yet there has been no investigation. "We need to demand, in the strongest terms possible, that we learn the truth," said Mike Rhodes.

A decision has been made to donate Pam's organs so others can live.

Justice for Pam Kinkaid.

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