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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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July 2008 Issue:

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The elections and corporate power

The majority of the American people and the people of the world have suffered eight painful and brutal years of the Bush administration’s lawlessness and criminality. As a result, people are hoping for change. People want the kind of change that addresses their needs. However, the kind of change we want and the change we are likely to get are two different things. Simply put, hope is not a strategy.
With massive layoffs occurring daily, putting the “official” unemployment rate at more than 5.5 % and food and gas prices skyrocketing, combined with home foreclosures at an all-time record high and millions more denied much needed health care, it is no surprise that the American people are hoping for much needed change. Add to that misery, the more than $160 billion allocated by Congress last month for another year of Iraq war funding.....  more


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