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August 2008 Issue:

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Cover story:

Financial Collapse Shows Depth of Economic Crisis:
The people must chart a new course

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two of the country’s largest mortgage companies, are together, $5.3 trillion in debt. They made headlines when their stock tumbled to one-half its value amid fears they would not survive rising mortgage defaults. Congress is now debating a taxpayer bail out to the tune of $25 billion, and an open line of credit for the companies. There is speculation that the companies will eventually be nationalized, i.e. taken over and put under government ownership or control. If the U.S. ever had to take on the full debt of these companies, the U.S. public debt, which already exceeds $9.4 trillion, would almost double at a stroke......  more


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The Fight For Health Care As A Human Right

Financial Collapse Shows Depth of Economic Crisis

Religious Freedom For All Americans Is Threatened In Pinkney Persecution

Without Housing, Without Rights


Save Our Public Housing!

Feature story: Plant closing stuns a community, and is symbolic of the nationwide crisis

ICE and local Police seize 58 immigrant workers in Ohio raids

Testing for High Stakes Looting

Who’s Running the Government?

To Oppose War is Patriotic, Says Veteran Ron Kovic

Journey for Justice

National Project Homeless Connect

The Elections: Breaking The Ties
That Bind Us To The Corporations

The Green Party Announces Candidates

Benton Harbor:
Report from Rev. Pinkney's Attorney
Dorothy Pinkney Speaks
Head of Defense Committee speaks

New Speakers for a New America Brochure:

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