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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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To The People's Tribune

November 2008 Issue:

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Cover story:

The Elections and Our Tasks

The world watched as the drama unfolded across America.  From New York to San Francisco, from Seattle to Atlanta — strangers, young and old, white people,  people of color, men and women — embraced, cheered and cried. We won! Obama is elected! Within those cheers and tears was the hope that a new day, a re-birth of America was within their grasp. Unspoken, but within the celebration was the sense that the defeat of McCain and Bush was necessary to the preservation of the country.  It was more than a partisan celebration. It was patriotic......  more

From the Editors:

So Long, Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel, known as the heart of Chicago, as the voice of the American people, died October 31, 2008. The People’s Tribune adds its voice to the many thousands around the world in paying tribute to this remarkably talented, principled person.
There is no need here to restate the literary achievements in this outstanding life. Newspapers and magazines around the world have done this. We want our readers to know and remember what it meant to live a principled life. more


In this Issue:

No Longer Fit To Rule

The Elections And Our Tasks

Etta Harper: A Woman Who Changed Lives And The Benton Harbor Community

Families, Children And Elders In Poverty. Ask Congress For A $1 Billion Bailout

The Highest Patriotism: Taking Back Our Country

Hmong Gardeners Fight Eviction

The  film “The Water Front” And The Great Lakes Tour

So Long, Studs Terkel

$25 Billion Loan To Auto Industry Wall Street / Corporate Bailout Shakes Faith In The System

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization Holds Utility Crisis Summit

The True Scope Of The Crisis, The Causes, And The Solution

Iraq Veterans Arrested While Trying To Present Questions To Obama And McCain

New DVD About The Book, Black Radical

The Economic Crisis Through The Lens Of Health Care

This Is Your Paper - Your Help Is Urgently Needed

Homeless Community Comes Together In Fresno

Community Demands Investigation Of LA Police Shooting

Rally Protests LA Police Occupation Of Skid Row

Hold Politicians Accountable After The Elections, Say LA CAN Members

Voices from Benton Harbor, MI

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