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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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February 2009 Issue:

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Cover story:

THE ECONOMY: Illusions and Reality

“Cast aside illusions!” is the indispensable first step in grappling with crisis. An illusion is a false impression of reality. No problem can be solved that is not accurately described. Illusion prevents an accurate and objective description of a problem. As our nation slips deeper into crisis, the main tactic of the ruling class has been to prevent the people from accurately describing the problem, offering them one illusion after another.

The first and fundamental illusion is that the current crisis is within the system and caused by greed and mismanagement.  The reality is that this is a crisis of the system. It is easier to accept a shallow and superficial illusion than to understand complex reality. However, the crisis is at such a point that revolutionaries must master the complex way the system works or they cannot describe the problem........  more


In this Issue:

What African American History Month Means For Us All

The Economy: Illusions and Reality

Why I Believe Christians Should Call For Healthcare Reforms

Lord's House of Prayer, Benton Harbor, Michigan

“I Am Oscar Grant…are you?”

Observers Offer Their Hopes for an Obama Presidency

The Election Means What We Want It To Mean

Unions Meet to Push for “Medicare for All” Healthcare

Low-Income Workers Picket Kalamazoo Company To Demand Back Wages

The Future Is Up To Us!

Unequal Justice — The Tragic Case of Pam Kincaid

Housing IS Economic Stimulus
This Is Your Paper,Your Help Is Urgently Needed!

Let’s Demand Government Solve Homelessness

The Two Words

Vet Freezes To Death In Home!

Voices from Benton Harbor, MI

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