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Kids at the Arlington Life Shelter in Arlington, Texas. As unemployment
grows, overflowing shelters are turning more people away.

By Bob Lee

Millions of people losing their jobs, millions of lives devastated. People losing everything, and ending up homeless. As someone put it, it’s a shock knowing that your talents and skills are dispensable. We don’t truly realize how much work gives meaning to our lives in this kind of society until we don’t have it.
The situation makes clear that we absolutely can, and must, have a society where we don’t have to worry about selling ourselves in the labor market every day in order to eat. That new society is possible right now. We have the technology to produce everything we need. But private property is standing in the way.
Think about the kind of society we have now. A relative few of us work for the government or for non-profit groups, but most of us work for private employers, meaning for the handful of wealthy people who own the factories, the mines, the mills and the offices where things are produced. We have to sell our labor power  — our ability to work — to these employers, these private owners of productive property. If they don’t want to buy it, for whatever reason, we don’t work, and if we don’t work we don’t eat. The owners of productive property only employ us when it’s profitable for them to do so. If a computer or robot can do the job, we get replaced. If the market for whatever a factory is making dries up, the factory shuts down. Under this system, employment is for someone’s private profit; we don’t put people to work just to satisfy our collective needs. If employing you doesn’t make a profit for someone, you get laid off. Today, given that robots and computers are replacing work permanently, there are not going to be jobs — in the old sense.
But this technological revolution in the economy also makes possible — and not just possible, but necessary — a revolution in how our society is organized. We, the people, could own society’s productive property ourselves. We could produce whatever we needed, whenever we needed it. We could guarantee that everyone in our society had everything they needed to have a full, cultured life — food, clothing, housing, education, health care. Technology would no longer be a threat to our ability to make a living; it would be a tool to give us more leisure time, more time to spend with our kids, more time to devote to taking care of each other and to doing the things that really personally satisfy us. We wouldn’t have to go to jobs that we hate, just so we could eat. We wouldn’t have to struggle to make ends meet on wages that aren’t enough. We wouldn’t have to worry about being without health care. We wouldn’t have to fear becoming homeless, or live in poverty in devastated neighborhoods. We wouldn’t have to have work define our lives; we could focus on being happy. And isn’t that what life is supposed to be about?
The only thing in our way is a ridiculous system where our society’s productive property is in private hands. It may seem like a big job to change that, but history has shown that a system that can’t meet the basic needs of the people can and will be changed. Together we can do it.

Bob Lee is the editor of the People’s Tribune.

By Lenette Evans

This is a serious news alert. All Americans need to stand up and fight. This happened to a dear relative of mine in St. Joseph, Michigan, and believe me, this is happening more and more everyday.
As you may know, vaccines of all kinds are very controversial. One could argue for or against their efficacy and safety at length, but the real question is, should anyone or their child be FORCED to receive a vaccination without their consent? Or threatened if they do not?
I was interested in this from a philosophical standpoint only for quite awhile, until recently when my relative came under discipline from her employer for refusing the influenza vaccination. At this point, her punishment for this is that she will NOT receive a “merit” increase in wages this year, nor will she be allowed to apply for any other positions in the system she works for.
 She has been written up and is “under discipline” — someone who has for over 30 years been considered an excellent employee, and honorably served her country in the US Air Force for four years in a similar capacity.
As someone who has worked all her life in medicine, I can tell you that it is generally understood that no one has the right to foist any medical procedure on anyone else without their consent. That includes vaccinations! The right to refuse may be based on medical, religious, or philosophical reasons.
I encourage people to go to the website link below and share this with everyone you love and care about.;
So, where do these directives come from? How do organizations become so “powerful” that they begin to undermine the rights of citizens who work in them? The link above will I hope stimu late your curiosity and show what you can do about it, at least for starters.
My relative’s experiences blew her away from its implications, up close and personal. This sort of thing only happens to “other” people, right? Well, guess again. It can happen to you.
I have researched the information for years. Based upon what I’ve found out, I refused vaccination. If you are going to consent, please make sure you know all the facts, not just the ones the pharmaceutical cartel wants you to hear. Make an informed decision. Letting other people make our decisions for us has resulted in loss of our precious freedoms, and we need to turn this around before we lose them all.
So let’s let our representatives in our state capitals AND on Capitol Hill know how we feel, at least for starters.  We are told, it is just a little shot, just a small thing. But really, it is a foot in the door for greater intrusions. Can’t happen in the United States of America? Think again. We are all living in a day and age where our government and corporations are trying to control us. We need to stand up for our rights of freedom and justice and what we believe in.

Lenette Evans
Saving Souls Ministry


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