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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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April 2009 Issue:

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Cover story:

The Crisis and the Struggles to Come

Everyone in the world agrees that we are sliding into crisis. The agreements end there. The estimate of individuals and organizations of just what this crisis is and its significance is the foundation for the emergence of many scattered programs and groups, a process that always signifies the beginnings of social response to crisis and change. Only through clarity can the movement orient itself to meet the difficult days ahead.

Crisis is the ending of something and the beginning of something new. Changes in social history are seldom done by a vote or the stroke of a pen. They are often violent and painful. The tendency of the old to fight for its existence and the birth pangs of the new are expressed as social struggle.....  more


In this Issue:

A Crisis of  the System Itself

The Crisis and the Struggles to Come

Needing Health Insurance and Having a Mild Disability

Work for the ‘New Creation!’
Methodist leaders call crisis an opportunity to build a world of justice and equality

Defend Human Rights!
Will Arizona’s shackled immigrants represent our future or our past?

Vision and the Fight for a New Society

Two Year Anniversary of Maytag Plant Closing in Herrin, Illinois
Man-Tra-Con — The Bridge to Nowhere

Eli Broad Sinks His Fangs Into Detroit’s Schools

Skid Row Residents Call on President and Attorney General to Investigate LA’s Safer Cities Policing

‘It’s Time for the Dept. of Justice to Intervene’

Earth Day, 2009: Save Humanity!
Take Over the Corporations

Los Angeles

Remember Detroit's Water Petition Drive!

‘Daily Red Meat Raises Chance Of Dying Early’

Shattered Dreams Of The Homeless

Leaders of the Peace Movement Speak Out

Inside the Cypher

The Guidelines - Fundamental Ethics in Hip Hop

A New Era in Hip Hop Cultural Production: What the collapse of the music industry means for artists

Interview with Anita T. from Ohio!

Featured Artist: Reali Robinson IV

Hip Hop Congress, Explicit Ills takes a Stand for Economic Human Rights

Religious Groups, Law Professors, Free Speech Advocates Join ACLU-MI in Support of Preacher Sentenced to Prison for Criticizing Judge

Community Speaks Out

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