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May 2009 Issue:

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Cover story:

Auto Workers’ Woes Symbolize
Struggles Ahead for Everyone

What is happening to the auto workers symbolizes what is happening to America as a whole in the era of electronics. The auto industry is perhaps the preeminent expression of the industrial era, and it’s connected to and sets the pace for many other industries.

On March 30, while announcing the government’s bailout plan for the auto makers, President Obama gave voice to this industry’s significance when he noted that the auto industry “is like no other…It’s what helped build the middle class and sustained it throughout the 20th century.” Business writer Peter Drucker has said that “The automobile industry stands for modern industry all over the globe. It is to the twentieth century what the Lancashire cotton mills were to the nineteenth century: the industry of industries.” ....more


In this Issue:

House The Homeless And Keep People In Their Homes

Auto Workers’ Woes Symbolize Struggles Ahead for Everyone

‘Medicare for All’ Protesters Crash Regional Healthcare Forums The Demand for Genuine Healthcare Reform  Gains Momentum

You Sexy Thing

The American Dream: It Ain’t Your Private Property Anymore

D.C. Public Property Defense Dept. Delivers Summons to Mayor’s Office

May Day 2009 Solution to Crisis from the Corporate Class: Bailouts, Bonuses, and Bankruptcy

Highland Park, MICHIGAN Hit again: City Manager accused of theft

“I used to walk down the hospital halls  and say Hi to all my friends...”

Ameren Squeezing Us Again

Battle Over Sacramento Tent City

“Tenant Town”

People as Products: Seeing and Fighting Slavery Today

Interview with Wes Kuruhara

Featured Artist: Knox Family

The Politics of Politics

Cinco De Mayo: A Time To Reflect

International Boycott Of  All Whirlpool Products!

Community Speaks Out

“Trigger Happy Police Officer Shoots Baby Buffalo”

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