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Justice March, Benton Harbor, MI

By Dorothy Pinkney

The language I’m going to use here may seem too strong, and too unbelievable.  It’s not. The media in Michigan doesn’t report this story, so it shocks people to learn about it.

Apartheid conditions of a very serious nature are occurring in Benton Harbor.  The words gentrification and even genocide are appropriate descriptors. Those responsible are at the top of the power structure in Berrien County:  Rep. Fred Upton and Whirlpool Corporation.   They, along with developers, are stealing property along Lake Michigan and in Benton Harbor for the construction of a major resort, including a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course.  Obviously, this is all being built for very wealthy people.

The courts and law enforcement agencies have gone outside of the law for many years, keeping Benton Harbor citizens living in a constant state of fear, convicting and imprisoning countless African-Americans (most of whom are innocent we believe), and driving the poor out of the area by any means necessary.

It has recently been exposed through a federal lawsuit that public lakefront land in Benton Harbor has been swapped for contaminated industrial wasteland. All but one of seven parcels swapped for Jean Klock Park land are contaminated. The Michigan DNR, and the Michigan DEQ, the City of Benton Harbor, the Whirlpool Corporation, and U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, either knew or should have known about this.The information has still not been disclosed to the public.

We must protect the people of Benton Harbor and Jean Klock Park. We must stop Whirlpool, Rep. Upton, and Harbor Shores developers.  We are calling for an International Boycott of all Whirlpool Products, and all stores which sell Whirlpool products,to begin May 1.  Below are some of the brand names which are owned by Whirlpool.

If you have any questions, contact Rev. Edward Pinkney, 269-925-0001 or email:

Subsidiaries, US & International:
(One Store:  IKEA); Maytag; KitchenAid; Jenn-Air; Amana; Gladiator Garage Works; Inglis; Estate; Roper; Magic Chef; Acros; Supermatic; ABROAD: Bauknecht; Brastemp; Consul; Eslabon de Lujo; NON-Whirlpool brands: Frigidaire, General Electric, LG, Samsung, Viking, Subzero; Dacor;  some Kenmore, Electrolux.

Visit our web site at:


Destruction of Benton Harbor’s Jean Klock Park

“It is your own materialism that has created this potential hazard to the residents of Benton Harbor. Perhaps you thought you were doing the right thing by stealing and taking from our children and grandchildren. City commissioners of Benton Harbor, you have earned the jack-asses of the year award.”
 — Sandra Little

“Whirlpool, Harbor Shores, Cornerstone Alliance  and the Benton Harbor Commissioners: We the people have allowed you to take our land and have done nothing about it. It is time we take a stand and not depend on these sorry Benton Harbor pastors and  minsters. They are all going to hell!”
—   Rev. D. Smith

AT LAST: PINKNEY HEARING DATE. PLEASE ATTEND!! Rev. Pinkney’s hearing is June 9, 2009, 9 a.m., on the bond conditions including the First Amendment implications, and the conviction appeal. Place: Court of Appeals Third District in Grand Rapids, State of Michigan Building, 350 Ottawa, NW., Grand Rapids, MI.
 “Trigger Happy Police Officer Shoots Baby Buffalo”

By Lenette Evans                    
     I live in St. Joseph, Michigan.  On Saturday April 4, 2009, I was standing in my front yard when I saw a baby buffalo run down Niles Road toward Eagle Point Marina. I called the police. I did not want to see the buffalo hurt, but brought back to safety to its mother at its farm.

The baby buffalo was extremely spooked and in fear of its life. It went into the Ravine behind Taco Bell. People in the restaurant ran over and police officers showed up, spooking the buffalo. Four officers cornered the buffalo. Sgt. Robert Banasik gave the order to shoot. The buffalo was killed with a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. For goodness sake, why were none of these officers trained and able to handle a baby buffalo? I hate to see what would happen if a real crisis hit. Oh.... and let’s not forget we live on native land in America.  We have cougar running around, and lots of coyote, bobcats, fox and other wildlife.

This was stupid and revolting behavior. These officers had no common sense.  This baby buffalo did not need to be killed. The officers shot this baby Bison 20 times. These Trigger Happy officers have nothing better to do with their time and energy. There are a number of things that could have been done. They could have called a few local farmers to come out with a ranch handler to LASSO the animal and take it back to its farm. But Captain Hollacher claimed a taser or tranquilizer gun was not available. They NEVER even tried — but they sure are not afraid to pull this stuff out and use it on innocent people. Just typical Berrien County!

Here in Berrien County police officers everyday are brutally harassing someone on the streets, beating up an innocent man or taking a taser gun to a man like they did in Benton Harbor recently. So it is not surprising to see the extreme act of animal abuse by these officers. They need to have their gun licenses revoked.  They also broke the law because in Berrien County its against the law to shoot and kill a government protected animal and its against the law to shoot a gun in a residential area. Sgt. Banasik, LIED saying “The buffalo was a risk to the public” and also said, “It had spooked a herd of deer which caused a car deer accident.” THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. I was there. This was another LIE!!!

Our animals are God’s creations and blessings but not to be shot and killed for some officer’s thrill. This baby buffalo was only a few months old. Our community needs to do the right thing in trying to protect our wildlife. But what we do not need is “Trigger Happy” untrained officers loose on the street who don’t know how to handle situations in bringing animals to safety, and being a danger to our residents.
 — Saving Souls Ministry,  269-876-1848;


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