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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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August 2009 Issue:

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State Budget Crises: Tax The Rich!

Our The economic crisis is moving to a new and dangerous stage. Although the financial stage has not been solved, it is moving into the stage of social crisis via the impending collapse of the state structure. Forty-eight of the 50 states now have a serious shortfall between their income and obligations. These states project the gap will amount to $350 Billion by 2011. How are these bills to be paid? Most states are prohibited from running a deficit or borrowing money to cover their operating expenses. There are three choices open to them to deal with the worsening crisis.  1) They can use their available reserves, 2) They can cut spending, or 3) They can raise taxes.

These states have already used up their financial reserves. The ongoing real estate crisis, along with falling employment, means that these reserves cannot be replenished. To make bad matters worse, the rising unemployment pushes more people are into poverty. Official unemployment now stands at 9.5%. The actual figure is much higher since they do not count the  “discouraged workers” who are no longer registered for work. Neither do they count the growing number of workers who are forced to work part-time. This puts tremendous pressure on Medicaid and other Federal agencies that deal with poverty. The Government’s answer is to push this burden onto the already overburdened states, further intensifying the problem. ....more


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Which Way America?

State Budget Crises: Tax The Rich!

Abundance Not Scarcity! 
Single Payer the Only Option!

Patricia Gardner
Her Compassion & Love
For Others Made A Difference

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We’ve Been Waiting For

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Twin Cities newspaper asks for help to keep a newspaper and the First Amendment alive!

Homeless Struggle in D.C.
A More Polarized Fight

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New Orleans Residents Demand Housing Programs Serve the Community

Safe Ground Sacramento Rally, March and Campout


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A People’s Victory!
Pinkney Wins Free Speech Issue

Benton Harbor Man Stands Up To Police Corruption, Gets Arrested

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