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September 2009 Issue:

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Cover story:

Health Care Reform:
We Need Guaranteed Care, Not Insurance

The people need health reform that provides care for all people, not more subsidies for the corporations. We need reform that recognizes health care as a basic human right.

 As Congress tinkers with the system, the broad outlines of the “reform” that some sections of corporate America want to approve are emerging: More money—all of it ultimately from the pockets of the people—will be funneled to private insurers to provide coverage for many (not all) of the uninsured, or continued corporate subsidies. If any public insurance option is allowed, it will play the role of absorbing the sickest (most expensive) patients and those who can’t pay for insurance, thus helping guarantee the profits of the private insurers and the rest of the health industry.

We will be made to pay for a bigger private insurance industry—and guarantee its profits—and we will get no guarantee of getting quality health care.....more

In this Issue:

Unemployment Benefits Crisis Shows Need for New Society

Health Care Reform: We Need Guaranteed Care, Not Insurance

Robots Replacing Workers

Poverty Comes With A Price In St. Joseph, Michigan

Voices From The Conference To End Poverty

Letter from Louisville

Health Care Battles Sharpen:
Protect the Insurance Companies, or Protect and Expand Medicare To Get the Health Care We Need?

Georgia Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform Misses the Point

Ever Wonder Why You Have to Fight So Hard with Your Insurance Company to Get the Care You Need?

Local Unions to AFL-CIO:  Endorse Singlepayer Healthcare-Now!!!

Marilyn Clement, Fighter and Activist, Dies

Healthcare For All (Including The Homeless)

Health Care in the Rust Belt

Hip Hop Page

Bring Your A Game Tour

Featured Artist: DLabrie

Take the Corporations Head On!

Class War and Ethnic Cleansing in Detroit

Youth and Supporters Organize Against Military Recruitment in High Schools

My Trip to the Counter Recruitment Conference

Hundreds Gather To Protest Public Education Cutbacks

What the Pinkney Free Speech Victory Means for the Movement

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