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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.



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November/December 2009 Issue:

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Cover story:

Economy Still Falling
Govt Must Bail Out The People

About a year ago, the economy fell off a cliff. The government—now little more than an extension of the giant financial and other corporations—pumped trillions of dollars into the economy and managed to slow the fall momentarily, while guaranteeing that private property was protected and strengthened. But now the economy is about to fall off another cliff. If the American people do not stand up and impose their will on the corporations, things will only get worse.... more

From the Editors:

Growing Food for Consumption Versus Producing Food for Profit

Why is it that mountains of food are produced today but millions of people are starving?  Why is it that American children get five plus servings of pesticide residues in their food daily? Or that irrigation water is recycled without treatment and mixed with other farm waters producing bacteria-contaminated food? In addition, more and more food is genetically modified, yet the affect on the human body is as yet untested....  more

In this Issue:

Economy Still Falling
Govt Must Bail Out The People

Growing Food for Consumption Versus Producing Food for Profit

Whose Living Room Is It, Any Way?

Poverty On The Rise In Berrien County, Michigan

Gentrification my ass …
‘We’re still here and we ain’t leaving’

Cuts Hurt Some More Then Others: How California State Budget Decisions Affect those on Disability

Foreclosures ‘Have To Stop’ Says Housing Activist

Marching to Fulfill the Dream:
Campaign Will Mobilize Thousands to Claim Economic Rights

Some Anchor Organizations of
The 2010 US Social Forum Speak

Let Us Cut to the Chase On Public Education

News Briefs

Medicaid and Paraplegia: A Death Sentence

St. Petersburg Activists Say ‘Bon Voyage’ To Mayor Who Ordered Attack On Homeless

Power Play: DC Homeless Get a Reprieve from the Mayor and Realize Their Power

Mad As Hell Doctors Tour (Part 2)

Hip Hop Congress

Fred Hampton Jr. Speaking Tour About P.O.C.C., Black Panthers & Fred Hampton Senior


Safe Ground

New Angels


Benton Harbor

We Need Justice In Benton Harbor

Interview with Belinda Brown

Fighting The Corporations In America’s Small Towns

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