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Battle of Benton Harbor

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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.


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January 2010 Issue:

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Cover story:

Saving Ourselves From A Healthcare System That’s Killing Us

As we go to press Congress is poised to pass “healthcare reform” legislation under the cynical, Orwellian newspeak title, “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” A review of our American “healthcare” system is in order.

A September 2009 Harvard study found that more than 45,000 deaths occur annually in the U. S. due to Americans lacking adequate health insurance. This number alone means one death every 12 minutes. More broadly, the total number of people who die in the United States because of the lack of medical care, whether insured or uninsured, was calculated in a 1997 study to be 100,000 per year, as published in the New England Journal of Medicine.... more

From the Editors:

America at the Fork in the Road

Politics is the faithful handmaiden of the economy. This often quoted and more often ignored statement was never more true than today. The entire political structure of the United States is scrambling to present the use of the people’s money to financially rescue the corporations as a democratic act in the interests of the people.

The ruling class has a long history in this respect. For 300 years, slavery, the pedestal of the economy, was presented to the world as democracy. When President Jackson defied the courts and ordered the Army to remove the Native Americans to Oklahoma, it was presented as in the interests of the Native Americans....  more

In this Issue:

Saving Ourselves From A Healthcare System That’s Killing Us

America at the Fork in the Road

St. Johns River Homeless Camp Uprooted

Anti-Communism Disarms our Movement

An Interview with the Author of "How Lincoln Learned to Read"

Peace Clubs Protect Young People From Never-Ending War

Detroit Fights Utility Shut Offs

Detroit, We Do Mind Dying

Crisis in Funding Michigan Education

Cabrini Green: Eyes On The Prize

Homelessness Ends With A Home: House Keys Not Handcuffs

Should women under 50 get mammograms? One question, two answers

Mad As Hell Doctors Tour, Part 3

“I Don’t Want To Pay For Your Healthcare!”

“More Government Help Needed  For Teen Drug Addictions”

Hip Hop Congress:

Dlabrie Interviews Paradise Gray (X-Clan)  & Jasiri X

The Fight For Homes in St. Petersburg, Florida

Chicago Parents and Students Confront Mayor Over Schools

Benton Harbor:

Another Victory And Another Defeat

Interview with Dorothy Pinkney

Whirlpool's Racism Toward Employees

The People Versus The Corporations In America's Rust Belt

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