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Battle of Benton Harbor

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The People's Tribune is devoted to the proposition that an economic system that can't or won't feed, clothe and house its people ought to be and will be changed.


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  February 2010 Issue:

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Cover story:

The People Need Their Own Party

Official joblessness is 10% and rising. The social effects are already catastrophic. Parents who once had good salaries are eating off their children’s breakfast plates at a Florida school cafeteria. Around 27,000 Detroit homes don’t have heat or electricity. In the formerly prosperous Macomb County, Michigan, home to thousands of autoworkers, the only expanding establishment is the junior college where workers are flocking to acquire new skills. But where in this electronics-driven, labor-replacing economy, are people going to find work?
Underlying it all is an unheard of polarity of wealth and poverty. Millions eke out an existence, while profits for America’s 360 billionaires and their corporations soar. Such cataclysmic events.... more

From the Editors:

Will You Become a Disposable Worker?

Two recent headlines in the corporate press tell the story. In Business Week, the article was headlined “The Disposable Worker.” And in USA Today: “Jobless Citizens Seeking Day Labor – More Look for Work Alongside Migrants.” Taken together, they reveal the situation facing more and more workers: Nobody’s job is safe and no job is permanent. Alongside this it’s clear that the refusal of the majority of the working class to defend the human rights of the most vulnerable, including the immigrant worker, leaves all workers vulnerable.

Business Week paints a picture of companies relying more and more on temporary and contingent workers rather than full-time permanent employees. More businesses are creating “just-in-time labor forces that can be turned on and off like a spigot.” These workers have “no health insurance, no retirement benefits, no sick days, no vacation, no severance, and no access to unemployment insurance,” the magazine notes....

....  more

In this Issue:

The People Need Their Own Party

Will You Become a Disposable Worker?

Avatar: Beyond CGI A Movie for the Ages

Warning Signs

Letter to the Editor

Detroit Utility & Water Fight Update: Interview with Marian Kramer

Government Must Provide
Adequate Drug Addiction Rehab Facilities

Homeless People Are Not Alone

The River

Our People

Cabrini Evictions Part I

D.C. Safety Net in Peril, Homeless Change Tactics: Housing Takeovers Planned

All Employees Deserve a Living Wage

Should women under 50 get mammograms? Part 2: The answer is prevention

Race to Nowhere: Mayoral Takeover Bid Stalled in Milwaukee . . . for now

No Cuts, No Fees:  Public Education Must Be Free!

Hell is Privatized in Haiti

Oh Haiti


Hip Hop Congress:

Hip Hop Congress Partners With U.S.Social Forum & Allied Media Conference For Their Midwest Summit

Hip-Hop Congress - Haiti Benefit Song - (spit 8Bars)- All Proceeds Go To The People Of Haiti

Benton Harbor:

Whirlpool — the global bloodsuckers — wins in Federal Court

How Can The Poor Unite?

Community Quotes

The People Versus The Corporations In America's Rust Belt

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