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Hip Hop Midwest

From the Hip Hop Congress   
Hip Hop Concert Features M-1 of Dead Prez, Black Milk, OneBeLo, Invincible, Buff 1, DLabrie and Emmanuel Jal

Hip Hop Congress ( hosts its 6th Annual Midwest Summit: “Hip Hop Activism and Social Justice” sponsored by the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor ( from February 5th to 6th, 2010.  This year’s Summit partners with the U.S. Social Forum ( and Allied Media Conference ( leading up to major conferences and activities in Detroit (June 2010) focused on strengthening communities locally and around the United States.
Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that Hip Hop Congress means drugs, guns, and scantily clad women. Hip Hop Congress advocates a broader vision of Hip Hop culture than the stereotypes often seen on TV and Radio.  Hip Hop Congress (HHC) provides the Hip Hop Generation and the Post Hip Hop Generation with the tools, resources and opportunities to make social, economic and political change on a local, regional, national and international level.  Drawn from evolving Black cultural expression, the Summit will connect this modern multicultural phenomenon to U of M’s celebration of Black History Month by also hosting the Black History 101 Mobile Museum.
The Summit will bring together a diverse group of individuals encouraging participants to educate themselves on issues, organize action, and recognize how hip hop can be used to create positive change.

Hip Hop Haiti

ATTENTION!!  All Artists Worldwide Unite For Haiti - Ongoing Rap/Song Quilt.
Send back seperate tracked out wav files of verse 8 Bars (rap, poem, spoken word, singing, drops, instrumentas)  ASAP.
This requires our immediate attention as artists. Let’s Unite for a Powerful message when it counts.
Send verse here and cc WAV’S please!!
This song is also in honor of Oakland Legend “Too Short” who has always made songs that spoke about struggle and issues in the world such as “The Ghetto”, “I Want to be free”, and the Mega-Hit “Life is Too Short”
 List of Artists in Support so far: Add your name….
DLabrie, Rahman Jamaal, Knobody (Hieroglyfics), E-Dawg, Sir Mixalot, Bigg Mann, Bueno, Swisherbox Studios, RDV Promo, Ms Jay, YDMC, Blaze 5, Kev Choice, Kung Fu Vampire, SaikoDelic ,Fta Boys, Bambu, Selassie, Akil the MC of Jurassic 5, GorillaPits, YDMC & mjore.
Download instrumental w/ hook and Logos to Promote supporting Haiti here:
INFO LINK & BEAT – or click on Haiti.
Hip Hop Congress is in full support of the Hip Hop 4 Haiti Movement 38 events Nationwide!!


Hip Hop Congress (HHC) has partnered with the People’s Tribune to connect Hip Hop and other cultural movements to the practical struggles engaged all over the U.S. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit
— DLabrie,  Page Editor

Internet Help Needed

The year 2010 promises to be a crucial year. The changing economy is bringing about greater poverty and despair, and, along with it, many new leaders who seek a vision of a new America. The People’s Tribune disseminates that vision and a strategy for achieving it to the leaders who are stepping forward. We need to get the People’s Tribune into their hands. One important step in this direction is to maintain and expand our web presence. Please contact us if you have the skills and can work with the People’s Tribune on this important effort. We don’t have money to pay. But you will be part of making history! Call us at 800-691-6888 or email
— The PT Editorial Board


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