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May 2010

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Cover story:
Hunger in the Land of Plenty:
There's Plenty of Food for a Price
From work and wages with a place to live; to no work, no wages, no home and no food is the slide from economic and social stability to absolute poverty. Today, millions of Americans are experiencing this horror for the first time in their lives.... more

From the Editors:
Nationalize The Utility Companies
Except perhaps for food and water, there are few things more basic to life in a civilized society than having utilities in your home—the ability to heat, cool, and light your home and cook your meals and have the most basic necessity: water... more

The Al-Marbid International Poetry Festival In Basra, Iraq
Agneta Falk and I were invited to participate in the Al-Marbid International Poetry Festival in Basra, Iraq. After much bureaucracy, we received our visas. On the way in we went through checkpoints and noted that a car proceeding ours had armed Iraqi..... more

Planning Direct Actions Around The Right To Housing In Washington, DC
Last month I described a meeting that took place in New York City to plan nationwide direct actions to make housing a realized human right. About 40 people from 13 cities discussed doing vacant property takeovers simultaneously throughout..... more

Detroit Struggles Against Corporate Power 44 More Schools To Close This Year
On March 17th Detroit School District Emergency Financial Manager, Robert Bobb, appointed by Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm, said to be on President Obama’s short list for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, announced that on top of the 29 schools closed last year..... more

No Child Left Behind: Unless The State Runs Out Of Money!
For too long, the tired refrain of ‘too much government spending’ has been used to try and shut down any type of social reform, and instead, to exonerate the free market, with all of it’s supposed magic. Well now, with the excess of the.... more

Unemployment And Foreclosures Grow Side By Side
New data released by RealtyTrac on March 11 shows that America is facing a new wave of up to seven million home foreclosures in 2010 and 2011. Many of these seven million owners are already behind in payments and eligible for foreclosure.... more

Homeowner Threatened With Foreclosure Says: "I Want My Bail Out Money Back And A Bonus!"
I’m a homeowner in Georgia. After losing my job in 2009, and obtaining employment that paid significantly less, I immediately called One West Bank to apply for a loan modification. I was told I qualified for the HAMP modification.... more

Defend The Human Rights of Immigrants, Defend The Whole Working Class
The fascistic law passed recently by the state of Arizona authorizing state and local police to demand documents from anyone they "reasonably suspect" might be undocumented escalates the assault on immigrant workers to a new level, and in the process escalates.... more

We Refuse To Be Denied: Housing is a Human Right
On March 30, 2010 hundreds of low—income residents and supporters, including over 50 Los Angeles Community Action Network members, came together in City Council chambers to urge action on LA’s housing crisis..... more

THE "NEW" GM : Just The Same Old Dog With New Tricks
The "NEW" GM is on a public relations campaign, bragging about the repayment of $8 Billion in loans with interest back to the government. But the smoke and mirrors does little to reassure the displaced autoworker or the retiree who is losing some of their healthcare. In reality.... more

Clean, Affordable Water Is A Human Right!
The People’s Water Board is a coalition fighting for public water, water conservation and protection, and access to water for all people. The People’s Water Board has been attending the monthly meetings of the Board of Commissioners of the DWSD.... more

In Defense Of Immigrants
Sentences halfway written
By a little girl
Who in mass heard
That purgatory is worse than hell.... more

March To Fulfill The Dream: U.S. Social Forum 2010 And The Movement To End Poverty
The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign launched the March to Fulfill the Dream on April 4th, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. It’s a 2,300—mile caravan from New Orleans to the U.S. Social Forum (USSF) in Detroit, visiting 29 cities..... more

Quotes from Simuel Ramey – One of the People’s Tribune Star Distributors
Simuel Ramey is out in the streets with the People’s Tribune every day. He feels it is his duty to bring the people the truth. What follows are quotes from Simuel about the situation we face and the message he brings..... more

Hip Hop Column

As The Poor Get Poorer Look For Brutalizing Police To Become The New ‘Buffer’ Middle Class Set To Protect The Rich
I been saying this for a minute and will most likely do a show on this later this week. But as the economy worsens and the gap between the Have and Have Nots widens we are going to have some serious problems. One disturbing note is that an estimated..... more

Sister/Brother, Can You Spare $20? Here’s What The People’s Tribune Can Do With it —
The People’s Tribune brings clarity to the growing movement. It unites revolutionaries around a vision of a better world and a strategy to achieve it. It has no paid staff and gets no corporate grants. The paper is financed solely by subscriptions, bundle orders from readers.... more

Cabrini Green Eviction Efforts Continue Interview With 30 Year Resident Whose Grandson Was Crushed By 800 Pound Gate
Editors note: The following are excerpts from an interview with Velma Wade, a Cabrini Green resident for more than thirty years. She lost her three year old grandson in 2008 when an 800 pound gate fell on him, an accident that many residents...... more

St.Joseph, Michigan....
Let’s Unite With Others And Help Those In Need
Last week at about 8:30 a.m. I was drinking a coffee and walking down Niles Ave. here in St. Joseph, Michigan, because my car was being fixed at St. Joe Auto. As I walked by Ace Plumbing, there was a homeless man that had about three blankets or so piled around him.... more

The Homeless Need Justice too
The Benton Harbor NAACP has been working with the homeless in a combination court—watching program. It has been a tremendous success. We are also trying to take the court system to the neighborhood. We want court sessions for the homeless..... more

Community Quotes
The American Legislative Exchange Council recently released the "Rich States, Poor States" report which ranks each state according to competitiveness and economic outlook. Michigan ranked dead last in economic performance. Gov. Granholm.... more

The Future Is Up To Us
Where There Is No Vision,
The People Perish
The America the world admired, studied and strove to emulate, was an America of vision and visionaries. The vision of a country where all are created equal and a government that derives its power from the people is immortal.... more

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