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June 2010

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Cover story:
Which Way For America: Corporate Rule Or Rule By The People?:
The American people are approaching the fork in the road where they must decide what kind of country they want and how they intend to achieve it. We cannot for long continue the path we are on. Five banks practically control.... more

From the Editors:
Nationalize the Energy Industry
The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico makes more clear than ever that we have to nationalize—take over—the giant corporations, including the energy industry, in the interests of the people before the corporations destroy... more

Interview With General Baker
A leader of The 1960s Detroit Rebellion
Detroit is deteriorating. People are becoming more destitute. Large sections of the population are just living off of unemployment. We’ve got fires almost every night, houses burning down, increasing the blight in the city. We’ve got..... more

The Nation Through Our Eyes
Last month I described a meeting that took place in New York City to plan nationwide direct actions to make housing a realized human right. About 40 people from 13 cities discussed doing vacant property takeovers simultaneously..... more

Defense of the Immigrant Is The Path to Democracy for All
With the escalating assault on immigrant workers—most recently furthered by Arizona’s SB 1070—we are seeing not only a challenge to our morality, but an assault on democracy and the advance of fascism in our country...... more

who came over a desert of his own bones
who came thru the burning heart of his own survival
who came to plant illegal kisses on the smallest cheek.... more

More Cabrini Green Evictions: Another Outcome is Possible!
On May 18, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) shocked residents of 1230 N. Larrabee by giving all 31 families left in the building 30-day eviction notices. In a press statement, the Chief Executive Officer for CHA, Lewis Jordan.... more

Interviews with Some U.S. Social Forum Participants
The U.S. Social Forum will be held in Detroit, June, 22-26. Thousands of activists from around the country will be attending to meet one another and to discuss “another world is possible.”... more

To Get The Healthcare We Need: Build A Working Class Movement To Rescue Precious Resources From The Corporations
As tens of thousands gather at the USSF in Detroit, MI, it seems fitting to do a review of what happened to the fight for healthcare reform. Many people were galvanized with a sense of hopefulness that with the new administration.... more

March For Our Lives
This is a brief update and summary of some of the activities taking place on the March For our Lives. Our caravan, which will end at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, has now traveled to over 18 cities. We’ve marched, auctioned off.... more

Police Evict Toledo Man From His Foreclosed Home
Keith Sadler, cofounder of the Toledo Defense League, and a UAW member, faced eviction from the home he lived in for 20 years. He and six supporters boarded up the house and remained inside for five days until a sheriff’s swat team.... more

Fight For Public Education A Fight For The Future
The United States was the first country to guarantee free, universal public education. It is now moving rapidly to becoming the first country to end it. The well- orchestrated effort to turn over public schools to private..... more

Chicago Public School Protest Says ‘Save Our Schools, Or Chop TheTop’
On the corner of Washington and Clark, a throng of teachers, principals, parents, children, and others marched together, shutting down an entire Chicago city block during rush hour, sending the message to Mayor Daley and his appointee..... more

Hip Hop Column

As the Poor Get Poorer Look for Brutalizing Police to Become The New ‘Buffer’ Middle Class Set to Protect the Rich
For the overwhelming majority of people in this country, getting a nice house and a white picket fence was the goal. Forget being a land baron, just give me a small piece of the pie and I’m straight is how most people thought. Become Middle Class..... more

Community must stand up to Whirlpool, Cornerstone, And Berrien County
On May 25 as I was driving along beautiful Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan, I stopped in front of the beach to take a picture of the sunset. I had not been there two or three minutes when a police officer in a gold vehicle pulled up..... more

Sister/Brother, Can You Spare $20? Here’s What The People’s Tribune Can Do With it —
The People’s Tribune brings clarity to the growing movement. It unites revolutionaries around a vision of a better world and a strategy to achieve it. It has no paid staff and gets no corporate grants. The paper is financed solely by subscriptions, bundle orders from readers.... more

How Can the Homeless be Foreclosed Upon?
Atlanta—Unbelievable, but true. Imagine that you lose your job and soon after, your home is foreclosed upon and you find yourself out on the streets. Because you have nowhere else to go you wind up at the Metro Atlanta Task Force..... more

Risky Business
Local activists in Washington, D.C. have been trying to organize direct actions around the human right to housing. We had hoped to be part of Take Back The Land’s month of action in May, but knew that we didn’t have enough..... more

What’s Behind Racism in Benton Harbor?
Workplace racism and sexism is out of control in Benton Harbor. Kitchen Aid, one of America’s most racist corporations, and part of the Whirlpool Corporation, has been named presenting sponsor of the Senior PGA Championship, the most..... more

What Is Socialism?
As the Great Recession deepens and all efforts to revitalize the economy fail, a significant number of people are beginning to think the unthinkable – the capitalist system is outmoded by the new electronic means of production and.... more

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