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July/August 2010

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Cover story:
United States Social Forum 2010, Detroit, Michigan: Another world is possible! We’re making it happen!
The US Social Forum 2010 is a significant step in the US movement building process and bottom-up struggle toward social and economic transformation. 18,000 organizers, activists, revolutionaries, and movement builders converged in Detroit, June 22-26 to declare another world is possible.... more

From the Editors:
Crisis Shows Need For Vision Of A New Society
The media – the press, the Internet, radio and television — is full of statistics and commentary concerning the fragile condition of the economy. For example the weekly paper Stateline writes that “More than 15 million Americans are unemployed.... more

Justice for Oscar Grant
The murder of unarmed Oscar Grant by a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer was not just another killing of a young black man by a white cop. Many saw it that way after a jury convicted the cop of involuntary manslaughter, the lightest..... more

CHA Evicts Cabrini Families By Any Means Necessary
CHICAGO — Soon after the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) gave 30-day eviction notices to the families left in 1230 N. Larrabee, a federal judge put an indefinite moratorium on the evictions. The CHA then descended upon..... more

Arizona and Disunity
The signing of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law (SB1070) in April, followed by the banning of ethnic studies in the state’s public schools, has unleashed a fury of controversy across the country and around the world...... more

Southwest Workers Union Is Target Of Armed Attack
What is more powerful than the terrifying sound of bullets ripping through the walls and windows of SWU’s Solidarity house? The love and solidarity of thousands of “companeros” who share your work and your dream that “… a better world is possible.”..... more

Homeless Memorial Day Observed In Fresno
“In Respect to all, and great Honor to those who gave their best to make life for the Homeless people across the Nation a little better, and wishing them success in their continued Journey through out the universe.” – Al Williams.... more

A Lesson In Direct Action
The U.S. Social Forum will be held in Detroit, July/August, 22-26. Thousands of activists from around the country will be attending to meet one another and to discuss “another world is possible.”... more

US Supreme Court Gives Corporations The Constitutional Right To Control Elections
The US Supreme Court in January, 2010, declared void a federal law forbidding last-minute political attack ads by corporations and labor unions within 30 days of a primary election in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Comm’n.... more

Interviews With Some U.S. Social Forum Participants
The U.S. Social Forum was held in Detroit, June, 22-26. Thousands of activists from around the country attended to meet one another and to discuss “another world is possible.”.... more

People’s Tribune Workshop at U.S. Social Forum The Future is Up to Us
The whole world is undergoing a profound economic revolution. The economic foundation of society is being transformed from the previous industrial period, which was based on giant factories that employed masses of workers, to..... more

Another United States Is Necessary
Over 20,000 community organizers from all across the country converged at the United States Social Forum (USSF) in Detroit from June 22-26. The political tone of the gathering was set on June 20, when the March to Fulfill the Dream, which..... more

Revolutionary History of Detroit
“The Black workers had absolute loyalty to the Ford Motor Company back in the 1930s. They had no reason to be loyal to a union that still had by-laws with Jim Crow clauses in it. At Ford Motor Company, the Blacks were not just confined..... more

Sister/Brother, Can You Spare $20? Here’s What The People’s Tribune Can Do With it —
The People’s Tribune brings clarity to the growing movement. It unites revolutionaries around a vision of a better world and a strategy to achieve it. It has no paid staff and gets no corporate grants. The paper is financed solely by subscriptions, bundle orders from readers.... more

West Virginia
Mountain Top Removal: An Attempt To Rewrite Work’s History
In the heart of West Virginia, there is a piece of land that has been dedicated as a park. This park exists on the top of Kayford Mountain. The park is an island in the sky because all around the mountain there exists only craters..... more

Voice of a Young Revolutionary
The Meaning of May Day.
I feel it's impossible to understand the meaning of May Day without first understanding the struggles endured by the working class for a better quality of life. Specifically the struggle for the eight-hour work..... more

Mom's Struggle For Healthcare For Disabled Child
Underscores Why Fight For Healthcare For All Must Continue
My daughter Madisyn was diagnosed with a very rare vascular abnormality called Sturge Weber Syndrome after she experienced a stroke-like episode while she was on the playground with her first grade classmates. Until that life changing..... more

An Independent Movement Needed to Win Healthcare For All
Margaret Flowers, M.D., is a doctor on a mission for single payer healthcare -- an expansion of medicare for all. She spoke at the recent USSF, in Detroit on the need for independence from the Republican or Democratic parties.... more

Subsidiary of GM Tries To Take Healthcare Benefits to a New Low
Saginaw, MI — UAW members at Nexteer Automotive (formerly GM Steering Gear, then Delphi) are clear. The Healthcare legislation passed this winter at best did NOTHING to stop employers from dropping healthcare coverage for.... more

Poem for the Practical Dreamers.... more
a dedication.... more
Our Name.... more
Shelter.... more

Wall Street and Mega-Banks, The New American Gangster
We were all told to apply for the wonderful HAMP program that would help us save our homes. Well the Banks are using this very program to force homeowners into foreclosure so they can capitalize on the Shared Loss Agreement in place..... more

Quotes From Simuel Ramey — One of the People’s Tribune “Star” Distributors. Part 2
I discovered in Little Rock, Arkansas some organizations that are tackling the problem we face in society about the lack of funding for special interest groups. I attended aCorporate and Government Interests Merging, says Dorothy Pinkney few charity basketball games spear-headed by a ..... more

Open Letter To St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster
My name is Gregory Rolle. Most people call me “G.W.”, and you may as well. I am heartened that you have reached out to the Homeless Leadership Network. I am by no means the leader or spokesperson for that group, but being..... more

“The Bridge Ministry” Helps The Homeless Under A Bridge
Here in Nashville, Tenn., the homeless situation is extremely bad and far worse then in Benton Harbor, Mich., where I am from. Nashville is a much bigger city but, outside Nashville, all the towns are little rural farm towns..... more

Corporate and Government Interests Merging, says Dorothy Pinkney
People’s Tribune: Dorothy, what do you think about the state giving the Whirlpool Corporation tax incentives for a new $87 million office building and consolidation project?..... more

Mary E. Carter (age 75) of Benton Harbor, MI died Sunday, July 11, 2010 in Grand Rapids, MI. Mary was a true hero and warrior...... more

For Unity Of The Poor
The People's Tribune has been asked to write about why some, (but by no means all) of America's poor turn against their brothers and sisters and line up with corporate America..... more

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