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September 2010

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Cover story:
The Future: Happiness or Despair?
Threats of Deflation and Economic Depression
This Labor Day, digital production creates an abundance that makes the construction of a new society possible in a practical sense. Instead however, it’s creating unimaginable destruction of society and untold misery for millions .... more

From the Editors:
Lesson Of The BP Oil Spill:
We, The People, Must Defend Our Interests!
Americans watched in horror as five million barrels of sludge spewed into the Gulf of Mexico. BP poured thousands of gallons of toxic chemical dispersants into the ocean — against the pleas of environmentalists — to minimize the shore .... more

Lethal Injections: Business as Usual in Texas . . . Corruption
The recent move by Texas Governor Rick Perry to oust the appointees from the Texas Forensic Commission on the day that the commission was set to examine a flawed arson investigation that condemned an innocent man to ..... more

Save The Internet— No Slow Lane For Us
Google and Verizon have teamed up to try to get the FCC let them create a two-tier internet—a fast lane for high-paying corporations and a slow lane for the rest of us. The internet, the greatest tool for democracy ..... more

Pelican Bay State Prison: Lessons from “The Worst of the Worst”
In October of 2009, we began a collaborative effort to create a piece of theater with inmates at one of the nation’s most notorious and tightly controlled prisons, the supermax Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) in Crescent City ...... more

The Town Of Pleasant View, And State of Tennessee Needs Government Help and Jobs
Here in Pleasant View, TN, where the population is about 3, 838 people, there is not much to this small country town. If you blink you have just about gone through it. You have to travel 10 miles just to go to town for .... more

Detroit Closures of City Parks and Senior Centers Get Stay of Execution
Detroit citizens stormed into the streets protesting the proposed closing of city parks and senior centers. The closures were put forth by Mayor Bing as a result of the City Council lowering his proposed inadequate budget .... more

Guestworker Exposes Forced Labor Racket In Tennessee
NASHVILLE, TN, On Aug. 12, a Mexican guestworker, Hilario Razura Jimenez blew the whistle on a Tennessee company running a forced labor racket while receiving millions in state contracts and federal stimulus loans. Jimenez.... more

Demanding A Better Future
Illinois and Michigan Poor Join Hands
I attended the August 10th rally in Benton Harbor, Michigan to protest the theft of public land and resources by the Whirlpool Corporation for the development of a Jack Nicklaus golf course and resort for the rich. I have followed with.... more

Jobs for the Homeless
The Shortest Journey Begins With The First Step
It’s been said that the longest journey begins with the first step. Oddly enough, the same is true about the shortest journey. It never ceases to amaze me that the U.S. Dept. of Labor has failed to reach out to the homeless .... more

Wayside’s “Welcoming”
Groups From Across Virginia Celebrate The New Center For Popular Education
Conceived of by a core of activists from across Virginia, the Wayside Center for Popular Education, located outside Charlottesville and convenient to the upper South, held its inaugural "welcoming" weekend in mid-July .... more

Oil Spill, Kalamazoo River Hidden Dangers Beneath Us
There are many dangers lurking unseen around us. On July 26 one such danger reared its ugly head due to a broken pipeline that spewed one million gallons of extremely toxic oil into a tributary of the Kalamazoo River near Marshall .... more

Race to the Top? It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint!
Milwaukee Public School (MPS) teachers, students and supporters gathered at the Milwaukee French Immersion School, weathering sprinkles of rain on July 30th. Their mission was to fight against lay offs. ..... more

The Latest In Automation and Robotics
This column will periodically cover examples of the latest in automation and robotics around the world — from nano-robotics to large-scale industrial automation focusing primarily on the impacts these technologies have on the ..... more

Long Beach Hyatt Protest
More than 100 people, including many local hotel workers and their community supporters protested the unjust and unfair treatment of Hyatt’s workers in Long Beach, California, as part of a larger protest directed at Hyatt ..... more

Cabrini Green Evictions Continue
CHICAGO — As the current economic depression, referred to as the “Great Recession,” continues to deepen, so does homelessness increase across the country and here in Chicago. Not only has the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) given ..... more

Sister/Brother, Can You Spare $20? Here’s What The People’s Tribune Can Do With it —
The People’s Tribune brings clarity to the growing movement. It unites revolutionaries around a vision of a better world and a strategy to achieve it. It has no paid staff and gets no corporate grants. The paper is financed solely by subscriptions, bundle orders from readers.... more

Hip Hop Congress
Review Pro-Dash: “Journey to Pro-sperity”
Out of the lights, glitter and glam that are the slick veneer of America’s premier public playground, Las Vegas, comes the one-man media conglomerate, Pro-Dash aka Brandon Greene. With his second release “Journey to Pro-Sperity,” ..... more

Teacher used to wonder
Upon teaching math
To elementary school children ..... more

Protest At Jack Nicklaus Golf Course
On August 10, about 100 people from Benton Harbor and throughout the state and country gathered to protest Whirlpool’s theft of Benton Harbor’s land. This was the day Whirlpool opened it’s Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, despite .... more

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