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November/December 2010

In this issue:

The 2010 general elections are over. As in 2008, the American voters once again voiced the economy as their number one issue of concern. They are afraid and want economic growth, with job-creating solutions. The party in power failed .... read

The “Foreclosuregate” Scandal is a signal to the American people that the time has come for all of us to stop submitting to illegal bank foreclosures on our homes. In September, people’s scattered but growing resistance finally tipped the scales. It blew open an expose of bank fraud .... read

Martial law was declared and hundreds of Union workers were arrested and brutally interrogated. Eight people where put on trial for the murder of the officer, seven were sentenced to death. It is clear that the accused where being convicted for their political beliefs .... read

On September 19th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee began its review of the safety and effectiveness of the AquaAdvantage Salmon, an Atlantic salmon that has been genetically modified to grow twice as fast as the ..... read

On September 24, the FBI raided seven houses and an office in Chicago and Minneapolis. The FBI handed subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury to eleven anti-war and solidarity activists in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. The FBI also ...... read

My name is Esther Smith I am 31 years old. I live with my two younger sisters, Barbara Cruz, Monica Smith and my 2 year old nephew Jovanie Rivera which I am caring for. I also have a brother named Aaron Smith who is incarcerated in the State Prison in Pennsylvania .... read

In Wayne County, Michigan, 32 cities are woefully behind in people being able to pay their property taxes. Upwards of 70% of the folks that should be paying taxes on property have defaulted. Only about 23% of the folks that have property taxes are current. Things are so bad .... read

John Burris, the Grant family lawyer, summed it up quite well: Michael Vick got four years for organizing a dog-fighting ring; BART officer Mehserle got two years for killing a man who was handcuffed and laying at his feet, face down. “What you take from this is that .... read

About six months ago, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) gave out 30-day eviction notices to everyone at 1230 N Larrabee.  A federal judge voided the notices because they were in violation of the "RELOCATION AGREEMENT" between residents and the housing authority .... read

On July 10 about 100 community activists began a tent city on a vacant lot which is owned by DC Government (and the citizens of DC) called "Parcel 42". This action was part of a national effort to bring attention to the need for housing as a human right. Many of the .... read

Demonstrating in Phoenix

As one of the many progressive social forces struggling for systemic change, particularly as it relates to land ownership, housing rights and ecological .... read

“Incalculable savagery” is how President Felipe Calderon of Mexico referred to the recent massacre of 72 — 58 men and 14 women — found on August 25, 2010, near San Fernando, Tamaulipas. Only one Ecuadoran immigrant escaped with his life. This massacre is the latest in a series .... read

In a story aired October 28, National Public Radio (NPR) reported that private prison companies have played a role in pushing for the enactment of anti-immigrant laws such as Arizona’s SB 1070. The law is being challenged in the courts. If it’s upheld, SB 1070 requires police .... read

College students in Georgia are on the march. While politicians rail on about how education must be a priority, they have seen billions cut from state coffers for education, raising state tuition and fees for public colleges and universities, denying more and more ..... read

Black Arkansas farmers are upset about the delaying tactics used by our government in their efforts not to honor the Executive Order by President Obama to settle the Pigford II (class action) lawsuit. I spent some time seeking out local farmers around the McAlmont area that ..... read

In America, supposedly a land of opportunity and wealth, there are several parts of our society that have been displaced. The social programs that were once a temporary system against difficult times have either been severely cut or dismantled altogether. In Oakland ..... read

They are coming in mass
They are breeding in record number
They are dancing across our borders
They are revolving in and out of our
prisons ..... read

The 2009 recession was one of the worst years for poverty here in America. The total number of Americans living in poverty hit 43.6 million, the highest level in 51 years and the national poverty rate rose to 14.3 percent from 13.2 percent according to data released ..... read

Caza de Poesía proudly announces the launch of our new anthology
Revolutionary Poets Brigade bringing together 76 poets from 25 countries around the world speaking truth to power. This collection, featuring local, national and ..... read

The People’s Tribune brings clarity to the growing movement. It unites revolutionaries around a vision of a better world and a strategy to achieve it. It has no paid staff and gets no corporate grants. The paper is financed solely by subscriptions, bundle orders from readers.... read

From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Emerald City comes an artist who understands what it means to rhyme with honor. For anyone familiar with what’s cracking in 206 (Seattle Hip Hop), the name Alpha P is synonymous with quality music, ridiculous skill and a commitment ..... read

On October 22, in Judge Stanley Sacks’ courtroom, attorney for Chicago artist Chris Drew, Josh Kutnick, argued his motion to suppress the audio-evidence against Mr. Drew in a case of national interest that exposes the unconstitutional Illinois eavesdropping law .... read

The Benton Harbor City Commissioners have formed a partnership with Whirlpool, the largest appliance maker in the world. The partnership is to continue developing Benton Harbor and, in the process, to drive the homeless and the residents completely out of the city. The final nail .... read

On May 15, 2010, my life changed when my father Eddie Peek (61-year old Black man) was killed by a drunken driver Paige Karsten (21-year-old white female at 2:21 am while Eddie was at work for the Herald Palladium.Since his death, my family and I have had to deal with .... read

“I have a dream that people here in Benton Harbor will start to stand up. I have a dream that one day we will look forward to taking care of our children. This is something that we can do. All you have to do is do a little bit. I am here to encourage you to protect .... read

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