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January 2011

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As the recession deepens, the ruling class moves to find ways to protect their wealth. To do so they must shift the economic consequences of the recession to the backs of the people. One of the ways of achieving this is through the slashing .... read

The recent “bipartisan” proposals to cut the federal deficit are a threat to the welfare of the American people. To respond in a way that safeguards the people’s interests, we first have to recognize that the people have separate economic and political interests from those of .... read

We are thrilled to announce that Antonio Ocampo walked out of the New Orleans Federal courthouse a free man on November 15, after spending 97 days in illegal custody on an expired immigration detainer. The Chief Federal Judge ordered his immediate release after .... read

In the biblical book of Jeremiah, as the Israelites are being carried away to captivity in Babylon, God advises them to seek the Shalom of the country they are being carried off to. I am thinking that in this context, “Shalom” not only means peace — which is its ..... read

All eyes seemed to be on Cabrini Green as the last family was evicted from 1230 N. Burling on Thursday, December 9, 2010. Local and national news media covered the story, most reminding us of the gangs, drugs, and crime, etc., with descriptions like ...... read

Well, Washington, DC has a new mayor — Vincent Gray — who took office on January 2nd, 2011. Various grassroots organizers from labor unions to those concerned with poverty and homelessness spoke out against former mayor Adrian Fenty calling him a “one-term mayor” .... read

As the season of caring winds to an end, some of us unfortunately are struggling with the devastation of the changes in the system. They have no happy tidings to be singing about, because they are too busy hustling and bustling daily to find their next .... read

Recently, the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization listed a small article in a local paper asking affected persons to contact the office should they need information about how to avoid utility shut offs. The office is receiving more than 50-60 calls per hour, .... read

Owners of corporations are clear about reasons for installing the latest automation and robotics technologies in their firms. One report on gives five reasons to automate: 1) Combat Off-shoring, 2) Prepare for Skilled Worker Shortage, .... read

January 15, 2011 marks the 82nd anniversary of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Though many speeches will be made, few will address the troubling parallels between the role played by the FBI then and its current campaign to intimidate, smear and .... read

Los Angeles City Council people Janice Hahn and Richard Alarcón addressed the media to denounce retaliatory evictions issued by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) prior to an expected appearance by HACLA CEO Rudy Montiel in .... read

A remarkable Skype conference was held Nov. 9, at which three New York City peace grannies and a California highschool peace class spoke at length with seven members of the Afghan Youth Peace Conference (AYPC) in a mutual desire to end the war in Afghanistan .... read

When you have to
Terrify your own
People into giving
Their freedoms away,
We say it’s
Guaranteeing security.... read

My name is Aaron Smith and I am 29. I am a Juvenile lifer. I was locked up at 17, back in 1998. I am one of hundreds of juvenile lifers with no possibility of parole. I am in the Pennsylvania State Prison Of S.C.I — Huntington. I am like many of the other juvenile ..... read

October 2010: One supposed “suicide” each day. October 2-5: Three “suicides” in four days. August 2009: Two supposed “suicides”. A mental patient murders a transient who was in jail for vandalism (why is a mental patient in population? ..... read

“The Oscar Grant killing was a senseless execution that was racially instigated, and a result of police tactics that make excessive force, brutality, and even murder a common occurrence when police deal with young Black men and other men of color.” ..... read

Here in Nashville, Tennessee, there are so many homeless and many are from other parts of the U.S. When I was at the Bridge Ministry run by Candy Christmas, I met a man who had a lucrative law business, but because of the economy, his law business folded up ..... read

The People’s Tribune brings clarity to the growing movement. It unites revolutionaries around a vision of a better world and a strategy to achieve it. It has no paid staff and gets no corporate grants. The paper is financed solely by subscriptions, bundle orders from readers.... read

NEW ORLEANS — We had hurricane Katrina in 2005. And since that time we have been trying to bring people home, but people can’t get home and houses are still boarded up. The original grant from the Federal Road Home Program given to the state of Louisiana ..... read

After the feeding of the homeless on November 20, 2010, (see photo) good news followed two weeks later that the long-awaited lawsuit of the Black farmers’ class action suit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been settled. THANK GOD!!! The suit claimed .... read

Homelessness is a major problem in the United States and throughout the world. It is estimated that 100 million people are homeless worldwide. How can a person survive day by day not knowing if they will have something to eat or a place to sleep that night? .... read

Almost seven million people are behind on their mortgages or are already in foreclosure. The banks have seized the homes of over six million more families. Added to these dire statistics are the thousands of homeless people who walk the streets every .... read

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