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February 2011

In this issue:

The merging of U.S.-based global corporations and the federal government is advancing with deliberate speed as the executive branch continues its reorganization. The rapid consolidation of wealth occurring in the economy and the simultaneous global economic crisis requires .... read

Mark Price, a 36 year-old father of six, battled leukemia. He died awaiting an organ transplant that could have saved his life. The state of Arizona decided that it could no longer afford to pay for his promised transplant, or for the transplants o had already been promised. In December .... read

In St. Petersburg, Florida the city devised a plan to put the homeless in a converted jail annex. It was laid out before the Homeless Leadership Network, a group of service providers and politicians that is supposed to come up with homeless policy for the area. I am the “homeless” .... read

Millions of people losing their jobs, millions of lives devastated. People losing everything, and ending up homeless. As someone put it, it’s a shock knowing that your talents and skills are dispensable. We don’t truly realize how much work gives meaning to our lives in ..... read

African American History Month is a holiday that has critical meaning for every American. As we celebrate the achievements of individual African Americans, today’s conditions necessitate that we discuss how we can achieve our vision of change for the American people. A key component ...... read

We have all been experiencing very unusual and cold weather conditions across the United States. Here in Michigan, the temperatures  have gotten down to a frigid eight degrees at times. .... read

The National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT) reports that “the new House leadership has proposed to cut $100 billion from the still unfinished FY 2011 budget—21% — from discretionary federal programs as soon as March 4, 2011. If applied across the board to HUD, .... read

“We WILL NOT take part in this fishing expedition.” Those defiant words brought a roar of approval from some 350 people rallying outside the Dirksen Federal Building here on January 25. .... read

are you old man
I saw earlier
sitting on your folded blanket .... read

Last month I wrote about how the D.C. Government was planning to limit TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) recipients to 60 months in the program, despite the fact that we are in an economic downturn. No sooner had the ink dried on that article when I learned .... read

Not a day goes by without continuous assaults leveled against Detroit, Wayne County, and workers living in the State of Michigan. We are inundated by a barrage aimed at lowering our quality of life so that the rest of the country will not resist when these corporations move against .... read

Throughout our nation hundreds of thousands of families are being destroyed. The tragedy is due to the rhetoric used in the immigration debate, which has led to SSA “No-Match” Letters, raids, E-Verify and now to something called ICE I-9 audits. On August 15, 2007, the U.S. Immigration .... read

On December 20th, the Clean Energy Works (CEW), a coalition of 80 environmental, religious and labor groups, announced that it will end its lobbying efforts in Washington, DC, and begin a process aimed to “redirect their strategies” (Washington Post, 12/21/10) .... read

The following are excerpts from interviews with Annie Ricks, THE LAST WOMAN STANDING. Part 1 ran in the January, 2010 edition of the People’s Tribune. All of the Cabrini Green highrises are now in the process of being torn down. ..... read

This nation’s internal and external political, economic, and military policies have nothing whatever to do with “democracy,” “justice,” or “human rights;” and everything to do with exploitation, hegemony, deceit, and control of the many— by the few. No amount of rationalization ..... read

The history of McAlmont, Arkansas —The Slave Community — has a rich heritage that our youth should embrace and cherish. The first school in this area before the Civil War (during slavery) was known as “The Morning Glory School.” That was in 1836. Pulaski County High School ..... read

There’s more to this madness and chaos then there appears to be. Underneath the guise of technology/advancement, lies the real purpose of GREED. It is a greed so self-seeking it disregards all the moral, ethical and environmental standards of humanity. Encompassing enslavement ..... read

We are writing about a good man who just passed away on December 30, 2010, to the extreme sadness of an entire family and community. His name is Carmelo Parrilla. Carmello Parrillo was a loving husband, father, uncle and friend to many. He loved and cared for his own and many .... read

The events the world is currently witnessing in the streets of Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, the Yemen and Egypt indicate a qualitative shift in the revolutionary process sweeping the Arab world. The Tunisian revolution succeeded in ousting a pro-U.S. dictator ..... read

From state to state, coast to coast, states are considering the release of prisoners as a viable option to meeting their budgets, except TEXAS! The state with the second largest prison system (120 prisons, 180,000 prisoners) in America is actually looking to expand .... read

Strangling in the muck of history
He leans against the tavern wall
And silently gazes across the Avenue
Where watchdogs of property .... read

I, Rev. Edward Pinkney, am the first political prisoner in the city of Benton Harbor. I have been living in the depths of the de facto apartheid type conditions in Benton Harbor, Michigan. I, Rev. Edward Pinkney, am the first pastor in history to be sent to prison for quoting the Bible. Do not quote Deuteronomy 28 in Berrien County Courthouse. It will scare the judges .... read

For the ‘Where’s Our Change?
Housing is a Human Right’ march
shoulder to shoulder
face by beautiful face .... read

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