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March 2011

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For the last 40 years, workers in America’s industrial heartland, those Rust Belt states concentrated along the waters of the Great Lakes, have suffered the effects of labor replacing technology and globalization, resulting in the most concentrated job loss of any region in the United .... read

Over the past several months the world has witnessed dramatic upheavals in the Arab world. Dictators and corrupt regimes have been and are being challenged or overthrown. More startling, the United States and Britain – the powers that installed and protected these corrupt dictatorships .... read

The polarity of wealth in America—the gap between the rich and the rest of us—is staggering. History has shown that when the wealth of a society is this polarized, that society can’t remain stable. It has to transform into something new .... read

On February 22, 2011, scarcely two hours after the polls closed, Rahm Emanuel was declared the winner of Chicago’s mayoral election. He won more than 50% of the vote in a field of six candidates, thus avoiding a run-off. Only 40% of the electorate voted. .... read

St. Petersburg, FL. — Recently the City and County Governments, Mayor Foster, Department of Corrections, and law enforcement have been “criminalizing” the homeless here by extorting and enticing them to go the Jail Annex shelter, with the collusion of the Homeless Leadership Network ..... read

The 2011 Sheriff race in Philadelphia is shaking out to be an interesting dialogue on the economy and, specifically, home foreclosures and evictions. Along with auctions of foreclosed properties, evictions have traditionally been a core task undertaken by the Office Of Sheriff ...... read

On September 13, 2010, in an article entitled “Follow The Dirty Money,” the New York Times International Herald Tribune reported, “In recent years, Union Bank of California, American Express Bank International, Bank Atlantic and Wachovia Bank have all been caught moving huge .... read

Called upon to put out the fire set by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a male teacher from Sun Prairie stepped to the microphone, a bit nervous, and laid it on the line .... read

As we go to press in mid-February, 45 tents of the self governing homeless organization, “Safe Ground Sacramento” are being tagged with notices from the County of Sacramento and scheduled for removal or destruction by the authorities in 48 hours. The tents are neatly .... read

On Valentines Day, February 14, communities across the country joined together in a collective day of action called by National Alliance of HUD Tenants From Washington D.C. to Florida and from Maine to California, HUD tenants and foreclosure victims .... read

On Valentine’s Day in Washington, D.C. people demonstrated at the Russell Senate Building to defend affordable housing with the message “Have a heart; save our homes.” With Congress and the Obama administration looking to cut the deficit on the backs of poor and working people .... read

Cutbacks in education have been devastating. Schools with “achievement” issues are designated “Turn Around” schools. Fired and displaced teachers are the scapegoats for years of administrative neglect and underfunding. Displaced or out of work teachers are now suffering extreme .... read

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression sponsored four regional conferences last month to defend 23 anti-war and progressive union activists falsely targeted for providing “material support” for terrorism .... read

When we think of labor replacing technologies, we often think of manufacturing facilities such as auto plants and steel mills. But when it comes to automation, one thing we must be clear about is that this is happening in all sectors of the economy including and especially in the service sector ..... read

Largely considered the Tea Party’s wallet, the Koch Brothers are among the most devastating perpetrators and beneficiaries of corporate personhood in the US. It is well documented that they spend billions buying elections, denying climate change, undermining health care reform ..... read

The Emergency Shelter Services of Benton Harbor, Michigan had counted 594 homeless people in Berrien County who are all living in extreme unsafe conditions and temporary housing. In 2008 there were about 257 homeless people. But here as of January 2011 it has dramatically jumped to 594 ..... read

The agreement in the beginning was that Detroit Diesel would pay the healthcare benefits of the workers. This was part of a union contract. When times were good, one of the ways to keep people placated was to agree to negotiate for retiree’s benefits and legally the law saw ..... read

So, a guy walks up and puts a gun to your head; “I don’t wanna scare you by describing how big this gun is, but give me your money.” Meanwhile, a “stranger” “happens” to show up, and says “wow, that’s a really big gun, you’d better give that guy your money!!!” That’s what the new budget ..... read

“Well, thank God those LIBERALS were defeated in the midterm elections!” This was a comment made to me by a person living on SSI. I had to ask him, “What liberals and what do we do now?” The corporate plunder and take over of our America is nearly complete. The assault on ..... read

This month marks the 100th anniversary of one of the worst, unpunished industrial homicides ever committed. On March 25, 1911, fire roared through the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on New York’s lower east side. In its deadly wake, 146 mostly female workers trapped behind locked doors.... read

In the U.S., some women have worked their way up the corporate ladder and are enjoying these profits. But for the majority of women, poverty is growing by leaps and bounds. What is new is that this poverty is increasing among sections of America that have up to now not suffered from economic .... read

The take over of Benton Harbor by the state of Michigan is almost final. The people of Benton Harbor can kiss the city, fire and police departments goodbye. They are also trying to change the name of the city to Harbor Shores. We must stand up and fight like the Egyptian people did! .... read

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