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April 2011

In this issue:

A thousand mile journey starts with (and develops with) a thirty-inch step. This often quoted adage certainly applies to the development of the political features of fascism in the .... read

In recent months we have seen massive protests in many cities across the United States, fighting new laws to take away workers, rights. These demonstrations show that people have p .... read

Billionaire Warren Buffett, once said, “There is a class war, and my side is winning.” On February 16, 2011, Roberta Rendles, a former Cabrini Green resident, won a year-long C .... read

We live in exciting and perilous times! All over the world, this country, and our community, people are rising up and calling for social and economic justice, peace, housing, and w .... read

Twenty years after Governor Engler abolished general assistance, began slashing government programs for the poor and destitute, declaring cities bankrupt and stripping them of thei .... read

The People’s Tribune interviewed Harold Mitchell, First Vice President, AFSCME, Ohio Council 8 about the attack on public employee unions in Ohio. .... read

The people of America’s industrial heartland, in the Rust Belt states, are beginning to stand up in larger and larger numbers. They are responding to a corporate assault on their .... read

In 1990, the State of Michigan passed a law enabling the governor to appoint and dispatch 'emergency financial managers' to cities, towns, and school districts deemed facing “dir .... read

“Solidarity between farmers and workers is an old and sacred alliance of producers that dates back beyond the populist movement . . . Anacous Donnely, the Minnesota populist, sai .... read

Some of us are waking up! We have heard what Governor Walker has said about destroying the collective bargaining process, except where it involves the police dept or firefighters .... read

When we think of labor replacing technologies, we often think of manufacturing facilities such as auto plants and steel mills. But when it comes to automation, one thing we must be .... read

Six days after a massive March 12 protest involving some 200,000 workers, farmers and students, a Dane County judge issued an injunction blocking implementation of a law to abolish .... read

Last month, 20, 000 workers occupied the Indianapolis statehouse and capitol grounds protesting the proposed budget cuts of Governor Mitch Daniels and a host of anti-worker legisla .... read

Four dollars a gallon and a threat of going higher! What is driving up the cost of gasoline? The short answer is CAPITALISM. We are struggling to survive within a system that deals .... read

Saturday’s tragedy [January 8, 2011] in Arizona was a shock for many. As a nation we need to have a much-needed conversation about acting responsibly and realizing that rheto .... read

All across Southern Illinois over recent years, private investors have been buying up publicly owned hospitals and turning them into “non-profit” facilities. I guess the same .... read

In an “Open Letter to UC Berkeley Students”, Ricardo Gomez wrote, “As students we are asked to take out more loans that force us into jobs we don’t like, to pay off debt we .... read

We all live day by day and yet so many people are not seeing how we are living in the end times right here and now! When you go to Wal-Mart you can see entire shelves completely go .... read

On Friday, March 11th, 2011 DC Councilman Jim Graham held what would turn out to be one of the most heart-wrenching Human Services budget oversight hearings that I've ever attended .... read

Workers of the World
And Soon-To-Be-Out-Of-Workers of the World,
Unite and fight!
You have only everything to lose .... read

A demonstration was held to protest the ribbon cutting for the 2012 Senior PGA Championship’s opening of a new office (at the expense of the residents) at 101 Main Street next to .... read

March 18 was Day 5 of the eviction defense of the Lennon-Griffin family from 9 Ravenwood Ave. in Rochester, NY. First on Monday, then on Tuesday the City Marshal was scheduled to .... read

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