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May 2011

In this issue:

Over the last several decades we've seen a developing merger of the corporations and the federal government, a process that has leaped forward with the recent financial crisis. No .... read

State governments across the country are simultaneously carrying out a frontal attack on the working class of America. The epicenter of this coordinated attack is the Rust Belt .... read

Thoreau wasn't just a dreamer. He knew hopes and dreams and visions of a better world, of a just world, were possible .... read

Societal change cannot occur until the American people achieve a vision of the kind of new society that is possible and that they want to have. In America vision has played a .... read

CHICAGO: Opposition to the FBI"s harassment of anti-war and international solidarity activists has now grown to the point that members of the U.S. .... read

Melissa Hentley, now 26 years old, was born with down syndrome. Lucille Jones, her grandmother, raised her from birth. Things went .... read

"No government can serve the interest of different economic and social classes with different interests and be fair. Whose interest is our political system serving at this time? .... read

It belongs to you.

* It belongs to the revolution for a New America.

It prints the truth, always. .... read

The People Versus the Corporations in the Rust Belt
The eruption we are facing in the Midwest, and in the Rust Belt in particular, is proving to not be about a budget deficit or trying to .... read

Hundreds of people from communities across Michigan gathered in Benton Harbor, Michigan on April 27 to rally against the .... read

I was on Detroit's far east side, driving down a neighborhood street to interview Elizabeth Williams, my former student at Osborn High School .... read

Editor's Note: Ohio has an official unemployment rate of around 9%. According to the Ohio AFL-CIO, Executive PayWatch, "Ohio-based .... read

This column will periodically report on the latest developments in automation and robotics around the world from nano-robotics to large-scale in .... read

Over 100 students and community members gathered on April 9 at UC Merced at a forum called "Abolishing Homelessness", organized by UC faculty and .... read

Last year the CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) reopened it 's waiting list for the first time since 1999. On the first day, 60,000 people applied. By .... read

"The goose that laid the golden egg in America is free markets and capitalism" says Larry O 'Neal, the majority leader in the Georgia State .... read

In a major victory for those fighting back against the foreclosure crisis, mortgage and foreclosure giant Fannie Mae began talks .... read

Amazing, isn't it. I pay taxes. You pay taxes. But General Electric, the largest corporation in the US with billions in profits each year, will pay no taxes this year. None .... read

As federal and local budgets for much-needed social services are cut, the homeless advocacy communities of Washington, DC along with those .... read

My childhood
you off
a wet garment -
Yet -
beneath my bones
you remain .... read

On March 25th, 2011, due in significant part to the efforts of the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, the eyes of progressives and advocates for the rights .... read

All across the Rust Belt, cities are tearing down working-class housing - in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Cleveland, Detroit. Nearly $2 billion .... read

Benton Harbor is a community which has been abondoned, kicked, beaten and suffocated. No population should have to endure for decades what .... read

The laborers are finally taking on a new vitality. Unionists and their supporters are winning big fights in Wisconsin. The U.A.W.has taken up social justice and .... read

It is exceedingly unfortunate that we have troops fighting for "Democracy" oversees while "Democracy" is being stripped from citizens at home. Gov. Snyder .... read

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. The coup that overthrew democ-racy in Benton Harbor, Michigan and established a dictatorship called .... read

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