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Rev. Edward Pinkney, and his
wife Dorothy

By Rev. Edward Pinkney

Benton Harbor is a community which has been abondoned, kicked, beaten and suffocated. No population should have to endure for decades what the residents of Benton Harbor have had to deal with.

The Emergency Financial Manager, who is a dictator in the City of Benton Harbor, has issued an order stripping all City Commissioners, and all city board members of all their authority to take action.

Joseph Harris is not a elected official. He was placed here in Benton Harbor by Whirlpool, the blood sucking corporation, and former governor Jennifer Granholm.

This is taxation without representation.Stand up people! Stand up!

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Protest against Whirlpool and the
Emergency Financial Manager's
takeover of Benton Harbor.


By Rev. Edward Pinkney

The laborers are finally taking on a new vitality. Unionists and their supporters are winning big fights in Wisconsin. The U.A.W.has taken up social justice and the world is rapidly changing.

We are facing an unprecedented assault from politicians, corporations and government. They are attacking our kid's education, our public safety, our air and water, our rights as workers, the power of our votes and our ability to make ends meet. It is about tax hikes for individuals and tax cuts that benefit the big corporations and the rich.

When are the Pastors, Bishops, Ministers and Christians finally going to stand up for justice for the people in their community? The Kingdom is going to the dogs. We have had Pastors, Bishops, Ministers and Christians not only in Benton Harbor, but around the country, who have been silent for too long. What are they afraid of? Are they afraid that their faith-based money will be cut off? There are many blood sucking corporations like Whirlpool who contribute to and influence the faith based church groups. We must rebuke the spirit of silence, jealousy and hatred that Satan has placed on us. It is time to protect the women and children at all cost.

Many congregations present their Pastor, Bishop or Minister before our God as all holy and perfect. I have witnessed the congregation crucify anyone who speaks truth and exposes them for what they really are. We cannot allow this. There will be a special wing in Hell for all Pastors, Bishops and Ministers who will not stand up for GOD's word and for the people.

Over Eight Million Dollars of grant money was allocated for the residents of Benton Harbor and was given to several ministers. We do not know what happened to that money. I call it hush money. Was it used for personal use? If there is evil intention, it will be exposed when the light shines right on them for the light makes everything visible.

Too many Christians have remained silent. Pastors Bishops and Ministers are using the pulpit as a place to hide. It is getting ridiculous. The people must tell them that they can no longer be silent. We want freedom and justice now! We have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies - just permanent interests.

By Marcus Muhammad, Mayor Pro Temp, Benton Harbor

It is exceedingly unfortunate that we have troops fighting for "Democracy" oversees while "Democracy" is being stripped from citizens at home. Gov. Snyder should be ashamed of this despicable law. He was elected through a Democratic system to become the Governor. Right after he took office he took Democracy away from the residents in the poorest city in Michigan. It is hard to believe that this is not rabid racism. It would be shameful for the Senior PGA to attach their historic event to the great injustice being perpetrated. There is a huge tombstone sitting in the State of Michigan. The name engraved is DEMOCRACY.

From the Editors

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. The coup that overthrew democ-racy in Benton Harbor, Michigan and established a dictatorship called Emergency Financial Management is fascism - no matter what they call it.

Corporate power has declared war on us. The laws of military war and political war are the same. One of these laws is to never attack the enemy where they are strong -- attack where they are weak. The weak points in the defense of American democracy has always revolved around the African Americans. When President Reagan decided to attack the social safety net of all impoverished Americans, he concentrated his fire on the "Welfare Queen" in the Black ghetto. The majority of Americans stood passive while laws were passed lowering living standards. When the rest of the Americans realized these laws also applied to them -- it was too late.

When the Public Sector Unions came under attack in Wisconsin, it created a fire-storm as it should have. Labor unions and progressives rallied to defend the unions of the public service workers. The American Left is rooted in and responds to the economic struggles of the unions. Meanwhile, corporate power moved swiftly and decisively to destroy democracy in Benton Harbor - a poor Black community that few care about. They thus set the stage to destroy democracy in all of Michigan and then throughout the United States.

Again, fascism has struck at the weak point - where the struggle for democracy meets the reality of Black America. The future of our country is in the political -- not the economic arena. Fascism is a political, not an economic order. To win this war we must first disarm the enemy of this historic weapon of race - and fight for the political as well as economic rights of all Americans. The corporate takeover of Benton Harbor proves again that if we - the people - do not take over the corporations - they will take over us.


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