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June 2011

In this issue:

What American city was once called the "Paris of the Midwest" and the "City of Champions" after all its major professional sports teams won championships in a seven month period? .... read

As the world economy deteriorates, large numbers of people are pulled into a new level of social consciousness. This presents both dangers and opportunities for revolutionaries. .... read

Cheri Honkala is a well-known poor people's activist in Philadelphia who was raised dirt poor and has worked lots of unpleasant jobs to survive. She is running for Sheriff of .... read

An elderly lady I know in her late 80s who lives in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan had her electric bill skyrocket from $25 a month to $90 a few years ago when they put in new electric .... read

I have witnessed so many "social injustices" during my visits to my home state of Arkansas. It's just overwhelmingly sad. I have witnessed a homeowner being convicted of .... read

On the evening of Monday, May 9, sixtyeight Bay Area college students, public school teachers, and their supporters chanting, "Tax the Rich! That will fix the deficit!" were arrested .... read

Last year, Crain's Chicago Business news reported, "The Daley Administration is bailing out the developer of the high profile CabriniGreen redevelopment on the Near North Side .... read

It belongs to you.

* It belongs to the revolution for a New America.

It prints the truth, always. .... read

The People Versus the Corporations in the Rust Belt
An interview with well-known labor leader General Baker
On May 26th, the People’s Tribune interviewed General Baker, retired autoworker and internationally recognized labor leader. .... read

We are so productive we are not needed. Science is advancing technology so fast and making us so productive that jobs are disappearing at the speed of electricity. .... read

The Michigan House and Senate passed legislation approving a four-year lifetime limit on welfare benefits. If you have been on welfare for four years, you are automatically .... read

In Ohio the election of 2010 saw a dramatic shift in the state’s legislative agenda. In that election Republicans were able to retake the Ohio House of Representatives and now .... read

What’s your background in hip hop, education and politics?
I’m a pioneer hip-hop journalist/author. I was a member of the rap group Freedom T.R.O.O.P. 187 (FT187) .... read

As we celebrate Juneteenth 2011, it’s a fitting moment to look at the role of the color question in American politics, and how this question has changed in the era of .... read

Again this May 1, workers marched and rallied for immigration reform. We marched and rallied against the attacks on the immigrants in America. We marched against enacting .... read

“I came to see students talk about what it takes to organize in our own schools and to then go back and actually do it,” says Luis Oyola, one of the facilitators of the first .... read

Cities all across Florida are stepping up repression in anticipation of the 2012 Republican National Convention. St. Petersburg is proposing anti-feeding laws as well .... read

“Workers of the world unite!”
“An injury to one is an injury to all!” .... read

For eight months, the FBI has waged a systematic campaign of harassment against anti-war and international solidarity activists. That campaign intensified in late May 2011 .... read

Finally, a lawyer does the right thing and fights foreclosures, and what does the bar association do: Try to disbar him. The California State Bar eJournal of 4/1/11 announced .... read

A latch key kid
Out of Detroit Michigan
Lives with his Auntie .... read

Whirlpool and Governor Rick Synder are working together to destroy the people and drive the poor out of Benton Harbor. This is the systematic killing of a whole city .... read

“As Mayor, I’ve been getting calls from every state in the union...this is a test case for the whole country.” .... read

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