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July 2011

In this issue:

Clearly nothing is sacred for the wealthy and the corporations who run our country. Now they are again stepping up their assault on our children. .... read

The domino effect of the global economic crisis—a crisis rooted in the replacing of workers with high technology—is now rapidly cascading through all levels of American society. The start of the “Great Recession” .... read

“These guys lied to infinity. I now realized that there was an entire industry, called consumer finance, that basically existed to rip people off. That’s when I decided the system was really, “Fuck the poor,” said Steve Eisman, mortgage bond analyst. .... read

On Friday, May 27 historic Central United Methodist Church in downtown Detroit was filled with people wishing to celebrate the life of Al Fishman. Al was born in 1927 in Los Angeles. He was raised in New York City .... read

Honkala is an internationally-respected poor peoples activist and founder of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign. She has been profiled in The Nation, and Mother Jones named her a “Hell Raiser .... read

The battle to keep open the world famous Catherine Ferguson Academy, a school for pregnant girls and teenage mothers, has entered a new phase. The powers that be slated the school to close because of .... read

Larry Regan: Indiana seems to have followed the same premise as Wisconsin. They tried to make the state a right to work state; that failed. Our state senators did the same thing as Wisconsin. They left .... read

For the last 40 years, workers in America’s industrial heartland have suffered the effects of labor replacing technology and globalization, resulting in the most concentrated job loss of any .... read

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Chicago on June 14, confronting the CFO Executive Summit—a gathering of executives from some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful corporations .... read

The first Regional meeting of the Assembly to End Poverty in the Rust Belt was held in Detroit, Michigan, the weekend of June 18, hosted by the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. The main purpose of the meeting .... read

While efforts are underway to repeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager Act, (PA 4) with a ballot initiative, community and labor activists may find their strongest argument as to why this Bill must be done .... read

At a recent CHA Board meeting, a proposal was made to change the tenant Lease and the ACOP (Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy).  The lease currently reads as if all that is required to get a family evicted .... read

How long have you been disabled? I have been disabled since 1991. I was in an auto accident. I’ve been getting disability ever since I came out of a coma, which lasted 6-8 months. Now I’m not able to work .... read

In October of 2009, Grady Health Systems, in Atlanta, Georgia closed its dialysis clinic. ‘Citizen’ patients requiring long term dialysis eventually become eligible for Medicare and thus have access to .... read

On April 14th, 2011, the Coalition of Housing and Homeless Organizations (COHHO) discussed the devastating impact that Mayor Vincent Gray's proposed budget cuts for FY 2012 will have on DC's poor .... read

Ninety percent of Americans carry cell phones. The youth of America are skilled in the use of this technology. Even as surveillance cameras are exploding in public, watching our every move .... read

I have been going to Lions Park Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan, my entire life. I enjoy the beach, watching families having a picnic, walking along the shore, and sitting at the beach reading my Bible .... read

Change cannot occur until the people achieve a vision of the kind of new society that is possible and that they want. In America vision has played a greater role than perhaps in any other country .... read

When speaking to high school students, military recruiters like to promote a romanticized version of war and the armed forces, but Army veteran Ethan McCord is trying to counter that. .... read

The New York City tour guide stopped at a building on the corner of Greene Street and Washington Place. Three small brass plaques are fastened to the cornerstone, identifying the building as the site of the .... read

Many thanks to all who attended the the Terrance "T-Shirt" Shurn Memorial Rally in Benton Harbor on June 18. It marked the eight-year anniversary of the Benton Harbor uprising, a public response to the June 16, 2003 .... read

The People's Tribune interviewed a new rap group that performed at the memorial rally for Terrance "T-Shirt" Shurn. .... read

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