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January 2012

In this issue:

American democracy is under the most serious attack since the Civil War. This may seem a bold statement given the history of violent, anti democratic forces in our country. .... (read)

The American people are beginning to fight the corporate takeover of our country. And they are getting fed up with just about every professional politician and both “major” political parties .... (read)

Michigan Governor Rick Synder is one of a nationwide gang of loyal servants of corporate America. Capitalist politicians seek to impose the “Emergency Manager” system throughout our state. In March of this year, .... (read)

On Tuesday, November 8, Ohio voters went to the polls and sent a strong message to Governor John Kasich and the extreme right-wing members of the Ohio legislature by overwhelmingly defeating Issue 2 by a 61 percent .... (read)

Now I’m not one to panic easily, but the “UAW Statement on retirees and 2011 Big Three Negotiations,” scares the hell out me and should scare the hell out of you.  And you don’t even have to be a UAW retiree .... (read)

Governor Rick Snyder, emboldened by a failed Recall petition drive, has named an Emergency Manager to take over Flint under Public Act 4, otherwise known as the “Dictatorship Bill”. The legislation .... (read)

“This is an irresponsible budget that will be balanced on the backs of those most in need . . . We are not interested in excuses or explanations. It’s a song we’ve heard before . . . this treachery has not gone unnoticed.” .... (read)

“The banks got bailed out, but our families across America are getting kicked out. Millions of Americans lost their homes in the Wall Street recession and one in four homeowners are currently underwater on their mortgages .... (read)

Americans are outraged to see riot police punch seventy year old professors with batons, kick pregnant mothers in the stomach, and spray red hot liquid pepper down throats that are speaking out against foreclosures, .... (read)

On December 12, a coordinated effort by dozens of #Occupies and thousands of people launched “A Day Without Goldman-Sachs” by shutting down terminals across the West Coast. Terminals were blocked in Oakland .... (read)

The Occupy movement has been sweeping across the US and world; in only a few months there are now over 70 occupied cities nationally, and over 900 worldwide. This work has also been influenced, supported and guided by .... (read)

People go to public universities to learn new ideas, professional skills and often to save the planet. They do not expect to be pepper-sprayed, or beaten with batons, especially when they are peacefully protesting how the 1% .... (read)

In a declaration of war, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced that 10 schools will be “turned around” next year, all of them in low income areas of the city. In response, 500 parents, teachers and students crowded into .... (read)

Resistance to attacks against the poor in Fresno, California increased as city crews moved in to bulldoze well-established homeless encampments. About 150 homeless people and their allies slowed down the assault and turned back .... (read)

they make laws

to demonize the children
who will take this earth from the jaws
 .... (read)

During the Great Depression this became the theme song of the times. The first stanza is: “They used to tell me I was building a dream, and so I followed the mob. When there was earth to plow, or guns to bear, I was always .... (read)

The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition (RTFC), a national organization comprised of more than 250 participating organizations devoted to commemorating and memorializing the Triangle fire as a tragic moment in .... (read)

In what has been heralded as the most progressive policy in the nation, Santa Clara County, California, on October 18 voted in a new set of guidelines for civil immigration detainers, which in effect ends the county’s collaboration .... (read)

Every compassionate American watches in horror as more and more laws are passed that terrorizes immigrants and their families. In Alabama, schools must now verify the citizenship of students and let police arrest people .... (read)

We have talked about the 1% who own much of society’s wealth. We have talked about City Hall that works in favor of the 1%. We have talked about Occupy Wall Street.  We have even talked about “Occupy Everything.” .... (read)

Merced became the first city in the California Central Valley to pass the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance to protect renters. Spearheaded by Tenants Together, a statewide advocacy group championing renters, the measure .... (read)

If hope was a color
it would be brown
like the corrugated billboards .... (read)

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