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May 2012

In this issue:

What does the Trayvon Martin case tell us about the crushing of democracy and the rise of fascism in America? Any fascist movement in America has to proceed from the most violent .... (read)

Anna Brown died a tragic death in St. Louis, after being ordered to leave the emergency room in September of 2011. Police arrested her after an Emergency Room (ER) doctor .... (read)

More than 200 supporters of immigrants rights marched on Palm Sunday to the site of a proposed for-profit immigrant detention center in the small village south of Chicago .... (read)

I was very happy seeing your coverage of the hunger strike that occurred here in Pelican Bay starting on July 1. As one of the participants, believe, me, when I say prisoners are .... (read)

in a country of Yosemite
and Yellowstone, of stock
certificates and golden
parachutes, of Apple Inc. .... (read)

Claiming that the font size was improper, the Michigan Board of Canvassers ruled 2-2 to not certify the 220,000 plus signatures gathered to overturn the PA 4 “Dictatorship” Law .... (read)

The People’s Tribune interviewed Kelly Hayes, a member of Occupy Chicago and Occupy Rogers Park. On April 12, people barricaded themselves inside the Mental Health Clinic .... (read)

The World Courts of Women on Poverty in the U.S. comes at a critical time in world history.  A revolution in technology has overthrown the 20th Century’s labor-based economy .... (read)

We have entered a period in human history where the people must take control of their government and corporations, or watch and suffer as the corporations take over their government .... (read)

Myth: Government programs forced banks to loan to “uncreditworthy” people like minorities and women. Fact: Predatory banks could “do bad all by themselves.” The housing bubble .... (read)

I used to believe in the American Dream. Then I lost my job, and with it went my income, my health insurance and eventually my savings. I lost my car and my son and I had to .... (read)

The watchdogs of the biggest world economies will hold a summit at Camp David May 18-19, meeting as the Group of Eight (G8). The heads of state are faced with the task of .... (read)

A reader asked the People’s Tribune why recent cover photos have seemed to feature more whites than people of color. America is a diverse country, and we are committed to showing .... (read)

This May Day finds the world’s working class under attack. We are besieged by unemployment and poverty, austerity programs, the rise of fascism and the threat of world war .... (read)

The winds of change are blowing and people all over the world are becoming socially aware— knowing that something is gravely wrong with society and wanting to do something about it .... (read)

From elementary school to college, classes are overcrowded. Budgets have been slashed. Teachers have been laid off. Schools have become violent. .... (read)

The Houston City Council passed an anti-food sharing law, set to go into effect on July 1, that will shut down the voluntary distribution network of surplus food to the hungry in Houston. This law will also .... (read)

The recent Supreme Court hearing on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “ObamaCare,” has reopened the false debate surrounding the President’s signature legislation. .... (read)

With the taking over of public housing by private corporations comes countless ways to evict residents and make them homeless. Let's look at some of them. .... (read)

I wonder how many miles you walked
as a mailman
before your knees finally surrendered? .... (read)

Across the U.S., people are fighting the court system, often as it tries to take their children or drag them or their loved ones into the prison industrial complex. They learn:don't go through this alone! .... (read)

Every day we see economic crisis, cutthroat competition for markets, the rise of fascism, and the drive toward war. What is going on? And how do we divert resources from war-making to human needs? .... (read)

Art for [social] change vs. art for art’s sake: Art is always both, because the act of art is self-expression, which is the act of expressing the self in flux – in change.The economic system .... (read)

Tensions are brewing in Benton Harbor, Michigan, over the impact on the residents of the Senior PGA Championship. The residents will occupy the PGA from May 23-27, 2012 .... (read)

Environmental racism occurs when hazardous industries and facilities are placed in and near poor, minority communities. Environmental racism can also be connected to the exclusion of minority groups .... (read)

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