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June 2012

In this issue:

There is a hurricane coming. The world took another step toward it with the NATO summit in May in Chicago and the G8 meeting at Camp David. These gatherings were simply a bunch of .... (read)

“Why did they kill Daddy?” asks the six-year-old son of Anastasio Rojas. Anastasio was tortured and beaten to death by border patrol agents in 2010. A newly released video .... (read)

On behalf of the Women's Economic Agenda Project, lead organizer for the U.S. Western Courts of Women on Poverty, I thank those who came together to bear witness and document .... (read)

The cultural participation in the World Courts of Women Conference was powerful in lifting the spirits of the attendees. Day 1 featured performances provided by Hip Hop Congress .... (read)

A 10-person jury at the first-ever World Courts of Women in the U.S. spent four days in mid-May listening to typical working women and men tell painful stories of .... (read)

Tough times, skyrocketing tuition and difficulty securing enough college loans and scholarships have led a lot of students to hold back on attending four-year universities even though .... (read)

At the head of the huge antiwar protest in Chicago on May 20, were about 45 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. They sent a powerful message to the NATO ministers when, one by one .... (read)

I took to Chicago’s streets during the NATO protests, not just as a photographer, but as someone who vehemently opposes the militarism that NATO stands for—the ways that powerful .... (read)

The Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and private management firms are all working together to aggressively evict public housing residents from .... (read)

On June 19th, 1862, President Lincoln signed the first emancipation proclamation, which freed slaves held in the territo- ries of the United States. In spite of threats of impeachment on the part of the .... (read)

This interview was done on May Day at 5th and Broadway at the Occupy rally in downtown Los Angeles. Ianthe Philips: Whitney, what are you doing out here today? .... (read)

On May 17, 2012. the Stand Up for Democracy Coalition, which includes unions, community organizations, religious and faith-based organizations, went before a panel of three judges at the Michigan Court .... (read)

I have experienced many things in my life. However, never, would I have imagined that our own government would have the audacity to attack Veterans’ Benefits .... (read)

More than 1.46 million households are currently living on less than $2 a day per person in the wealthiest country in the world, more than double what it was in 1996. This shameful fact has had .... (read)

Well, it's austerity budget season again and the D.C. Council is balancing the budget on the backs of the poor, which has been their pattern since the fall of 2008 when the economy went south. A recent report .... (read)

This could be…no no no… this would be
If you made me king .... (read)

Nothing ever goes according to plan. Our group was not supposed to get arrested, but that all changed when we arrived on the 15th floor of San Francisco’s Merchant Exchange Building .... (read)

On the morning of February 1, 2012, two Calumet City police officers shot and killed 15-year-old Stephon Watts, in the basement of his parents' home. Stephon, who at nine was diagnosed with .... (read)

time is not at rest
time has its contradictions
time pushes, clenches its fists .... (read)

Last month we reported on the award given Chris Drew in the fight for freedom of speech. In accepting the award on April 7, he noted, “I’m dying,” while making an appeal to continue his fight .... (read)

Occupy the PGA was a tremendous victoryfor thepeople of Benton Harbor, Michigan.Hundreds of people came to BentonHarbor to supportthe residents. The people kept coming and coming. Thecrowd was five blocks .... (read)

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