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July 2012

In this issue:

The global economic crisis is escalating. The economies and fates of countries around the world are bound together by globalization. Europe’s deepening financial crisis is approaching .... (read)

Francis Duggan ends his poem with “The future belongs to the young.” Nothing could be more obvious and less understood. Who are the young, and what is the future? .... (read)

What began as one woman with a website is now a grassroots effort to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of natural gas in Illinois. NEXT Energy Corporation has leased 80,000 acres .... (read)

In May the People’s Tribune reported on the occupation of Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic, because Chicago planned to close 6 of 12 public mental health clinics. Chicago police .... (read)

Awakened by police again
sleep deprivation never ends .... (read)

Let’s start with the fact that you, as a group, have made costly mistakes in judgment and have worked together, Dems and Republicans, hand-in-hand, to pass the cost of those mistakes .... (read)

In another assault on democracy, the Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that the 225,000 signatures gathered to repeal P.A. 4 should be certified despite the phony font size .... (read)

“I sent you a $5 donation. It takes 30 days for the prison to clear the money off my account. Everyone here enjoys your paper. Thank you.” – A prisoner in California .... (read)

For those who did not make it out to the U.S. Courts of Women on Poverty, Western Region, held in May, you missed a special gathering of minds and a discourse on viable grassroots .... (read)

One of the most salient and powerful impacts that emerged from the World Courts of Women on Poverty was the ability of the participants to address the underlying assumptions about .... (read)

There are many concerns for residents that live in the thirteen cities that have been chosen by the state of California and Congress for the program called HOPE VI .... (read)

As the 2011-12 school year ends, teachers have reached the breaking point. Budget cuts, increasing class sizes and a longer school day typify the corporatist agenda against .... (read)

Even after 101 years, New York City’s Triangle shirtwaist factory fire still blazes as a watershed event in the lives of American workers. Public outcry after the horrific tragedy .... (read)

In the early days of February 2011, protesters rallied against Governor Scott Walker’s infamous “Budget Repair Bill” that gutted public employee unions and their union contracts .... (read)

On June 15, President Obama announced he would use his discretionary power to stop the deportation of undocumented youth who were brought to the U.S. as children .... (read)

"Your article covering the trial of Monsanto at Southern Illinois was inspiring and motivating. I believe that trials such as these should be going on all over the world, until .... (read)

In May in Chicago, US veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars hand-in-hand with Afghans for Peace, made history leading a march of thousands against NATO, then returning .... (read)

Matt Sedillo is a two-time national slam poet, grand slam champion of the Damn Slam Los Angeles 2011 and author of "For What I Might Do Tomorrow." Born in California, he writes .... (read)

Be prepared to throw what many of you, including myself, have believed since childhood straight out the window. It appears that popular belief about evolution just might be wrong .... (read)

In addition to subjects like math and English, schools teach students their role in society.  What's Waddell Language Academy in Charlotte N.C. teaching besides Chinese and .... (read)

If you don’t make it on the bus
it won’t be enough to save you.
And if you make it to the ocean .... (read)

Annie Ricks is the last person to move out of the last Cabrini Green high-rise building at 1230 N Burling. She angered the CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) when she insisted .... (read)

Taps is an unforgettable, heart wrenching melody. Its origins date back to the Civil War. Union Captain Robert Ellicombe heard a soldier moaning in the dark and he risked .... (read)

We must push for immediate suspension of all Emergency Managers. They symbolize the destruction of democracy by corporate power. We hope the Michigan Supreme Court will hear the case .... (read)

Whirlpool, what a Wac company
Whirlpool, it's a natural catastrophe
Whirlpool, it drags you under the sea .... (read)

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US Courts of Women on Poverty
US Courts of Women on Poverty

Philadelphians fight for their homes

Anti-NATO protest

Gulf oil spil
Occupy Wall Street

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