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August 2012

In this issue:

With the primaries behind us and the Democrat and Republican national conventions ahead, the election year is in full swing. For many of us working to build the revolutionary change our country so needs .... (read)

The recent US Supreme Court decision on the health care “reform” law is helping to more sharply pose a simple question to the people of this country: are we all going to have health care or not? .... (read)

During the week of August 25 to September 1, thousands of revolutionaries, activists, protesters and groups from around the country will converge in Tampa, Florida to protest, demonstrate, .... (read)

People from all parts of Philadelphia are defending their homes against predatory banks. Many spoke out at the Artists Against Foreclosures Rally on July 2, and at the Occupy National .... (read)

Most people are unaware that resistance inside the military is so widespread. Many people believe that this is not possible, since there is no draft. But as this book points out— .... (read)

Back in 1980, when I started to collect the discarded produce from my job at Bread and Circus in Cambridge, MA., I looked for people that might enjoy free food. I found .... (read)

The Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was Constitutional, sort of. Many think the ACA will provide universal health care. It doesn’t. It does provide .... (read)

PBS Frontline has shot a missile across our bow over dental care in America, documenting access to care issues for children who qualify for Medicaid due to low income .... (read)

While confined to the Flint City Jail May 3, 2012, for what you describe as “erratic and frightening behavior” and “making accusations against you [the Emergency Manager] and .... (read)

Detroit Chief Counsel Krystal Crittendon has made it clear to the State of Michigan she won’t back down in her opposition to the Financial Stability Agreement imposed by .... (read)

“Education is the key to the future!”This is what we hear from the political candidates.Then why are there somany budget cuts to our public school systems? What real opportunities .... (read)

The militarization of public schools is a subject concerning the life and death of the young people of this country and those millions across the globe they will be trained .... (read)

Our public education is under attack! K-12, Adult Ed, Community Colleges, Cal States, and UCs are undergoing systematic destruction to make way for privatization .... (read)

Our economy and society are undergoing revolutionary changes, but one sector of our society seems resistant to these changes - our educational system, particularly our schools .... (read)

The history of democratic schools goes back to Russia where Leo Tolstoy setup a school for peasant children. Tolstoy documents his school in his book Education and Instruction .... (read)

"A revolution of profoundest import is taking place in America. Everyyear our economy produces more and more goods and services with fewer and fewer men. Hard, unskilled work .... (read)

The People’s Tribune congratulates the Green Party on the occasion of their successful Annual National Meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention. The Convention, which .... (read)

In the Golden Child, the old man states, ” Those magnificent Americans. So much power and so little understanding of what to do with it.” Most of us are very well aware of what is wrong .... (read)

Carol Tarlen’s poems recently published in Every Day Is An Act of Resistance cry out at the reader that resistance is necessary but not enough. These poems describe the daily deaths .... (read)

On June 25 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the onerous provision of the Arizona state SB 1070 law called “show me your papers.” This measure requires local police to determine .... (read)

If you don't make it on the bus
it won't be enough to save you.
And if you make it to the ocean .... (read)

Benton Harbor is one of the first cities in Michigan subjected to Public Act number 4 which allows the state to take over the running of municipalities or school districts that .... (read)

As an independent press, we rely exclusively on donations. The People’s Tribune offers its pages to those in the movement who want to get coverage of their struggles out .... (read)

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US Courts of Women on Poverty

Philadelphians fight for their homes

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