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Detroit neighbors rally to stop the home foreclosure and
eviction of Jennifer Britt and her family. Britt has been
struggling to meet mortgage payments since her husband died.
The bank has nearly doubled her mortgage payments and now
wants to evict her.

When Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, of the two capitalist parties, talked about standing up for the 'middle class', what were they saying, and what are they not saying? Why did they pretend to speak for a section of the working class that is being destroyed in ever greater numbers by their own policies and the corporations whose interests they represent?

Who is the so-called 'middle class'? They are really a section of the working class that has had stable, good-paying jobs. As the way of life of millions of these formerly stable working people is destroyed – those who had jobs, an education, relatively secure lives, and were active politically and in their communities – this recently dispossessed section of the working class is being pushed into insecurity and poverty. Because both political parties represent the interests of the corporations, the candidates will not and could not talk about the destruction of human lives and the impoverishment of the very section of working people who were once the basis for the system’s stability.

Because of this, formerly secure people who are being thrown out of work, working part-time and contingent jobs, losing their homes to foreclosure fraud and their savings and retirement to financial fraud, are waking up to the fact that their interests haven’t been protected, addressed or heard. Today 50 million Americans – 1 in 6 – are in poverty. People who a few years back had skilled and middle management jobs, homes, and some savings and benefits, are finding themselves in foodlines and living in their vehicles. This is the reality of the dispossession of millions of Americans, each with their own  story, but all part of an irreversible historical process.

Nothing that either party of the capitalist class proposes will turn this around. This appeal to the ‘middle class’ is an attempt to confuse people and obscure common class interests. It is also a coded way of dividing them from each other, based on what is most historically backward in American society – the false divisions of race, nationality and ideology. They are being told that their problems are their own fault, or the fault of some other section or color of workers. This is the formula for fascism.

These newly dispossessed workers, if they become conscious that they and the rest of the workers have common interests, have the skills and experience to pull the whole struggle forward, fighting for the interests of the entire working class. This is exactly why the ruling class is trying to mislead them. The capitalists want to prevent these newly dispossessed from turning against the system.

The dispossessed are at the core of a new class being created out of the antagonisms arising in capitalism between an economic system based on the exploitation of wage labor and labor-replacing technology. Their demands for what they need to survive and thrive are in reality the demand for a transformed world where the sharing of the abundance we create is the economic and political norm. The future is in the hands of our people, we who no longer have a stake in the old exploitive order.        

From the Editors:
We are sometimes asked “Why does the movement to build a new America need a press?” The answer has to do with this moment in history. People are struggling just to get the basic necessities of life. Historical forces beyond anyone’s control have set the stage for a new society to be built, but from this point on, how things turn out depends on what people think. This means that those of us who are seeking fundamental change are engaged in a battle of ideas, a struggle to win the hearts and minds of the people. If we don’t raise the consciousness of the people and unite them around a vision of a better world and a strategy to achieve it, then we’ll fail in our effort to build a just and free society. To win the battle of ideas, we need a press.
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