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Articles on Benton Harbor

Hostile Takeover of Benton Harbor by Gov. Granholm,
the State of Michigan and the Corporations
  (March, 2010)

Whirlpool — the global bloodsuckers — wins in Federal Court  (February, 2010)

Another Victory And Another Defeat  (January, 2010)

Poisoning The Residents Of Benton Harbor:
Whirlpool Heir Upton Fights for Corporate Interests in Congress
  (October, 2009)

What the Pinkney Free Speech Victory Means for the Movement  (September, 2009)

A People’s Victory! Pinkney Wins Free Speech Issue  (August, 2009)

Judge Violates Code of Church   (July, 2009)

Judge Defies Michigan Supreme Court  (June, 2009)

International Boycott Of  All Whirlpool Products!    (May, 2009)

Religious Groups, Law Professors, Free Speech Advocates Join ACLU-MI in Support of Preacher
Sentenced to Prison for Criticizing Judge. National and state organizations file three friend-of-the-court briefs. 
(April, 2009)

Whirlpool — The Gentrifier Of Benton Harbor   (March, 2009)

The Apartheid Conditions In Benton Harbor  (February, 2009)

Victory! Rev. Edward Pinkney Released From Prison Pending Appeal  (January, 2009)

Rev. Pinkney Gets 3,496 Votes! (November, 2008)

Interview With Rev. Edward Pinkney Who Is In Prision  (October, 2008)

Voices From Benton Harbor, MI  (September, 2008)

Report From Rev. Pinkney's Attorney  (August, 2008)

More Liquidation of Rights Corporate Power and the Pinkney Case  (July, 2008)

The Truth Behind the Park Struggle   (June, 2008)

Corporate Power Rules in Berrien CountyUpdates From Pinkney Defense Committee:
Saving Benton Harbor from the Big Corporations  (May, 2008)

Mrs. Pinkney Speaks Out, New Style of Policing in America
Corruption in Benton Harbor, Inmate speaks out for Justice   (April, 2008)

It’s not the messager who is a Liar   (March, 2008)

PT Special Edition:
Special PT Cover
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Corruption and Deceitfulness Continues in Berrien Country Courthouse   (February, 2008)

Corporate Greed, Power and Control of Our Rights   (February, 2008)

It’s time to make a decision, Benton Harbor   (January, 2008)

Activist gets one-year jail sentence   (January, 2008)

Residents win victory in park battle in Benton Harbor, Mich.    (Nov./Dec., 2007)

Corrupt judge denies new jury trial in Pinkney case    (Nov./Dec., 2007)

How Whirlpool Corporation Takes Over a Town    (October, 2007)

Benton Harbor and Jena, Louisiana are one and the same    (October, 2007)

Rev. Pinkney Continues to Beat Up on Berrien County Justice System (September, 2007)

Saving Jean Klock Park (September, 2007)

Benton Harbor, Mich. Speaks Out (August, 2007)

Profit driven 'bloody' Whirpool (August, 2007)

The Benton Harbor, Mich. Community Speaks Out (July, 2007)

Whirlpool puts the nail in Benton Harbor's coffin (June, 2007)

Voices from Benton Harbor, Mich. (May, 2007)

Stop the corporate assault on Benton Harbor, Mich. (April, 2007)

Analysis of the Pinkney trial and the movement ahead (April, 2007)

Justice blind-sided (April, 2007)

Voices from Benton Harbor (April, 2007)

Corruption Rolls On in Berrien County, Mich. (March, 2007)

Residents fight to save a public park in Michigan from a corporate take-over (March, 2007)

Charges challenged in vote fraud trial (February, 2007)

Update from Rev. Pinkney (January, 2007)

Democracy is rule by the people! (November, 2006)

'Take back our city from whirlpool!' say Benton Harbor Homeless (November, 2006)

The myth of our legal system: 'justice for all!' (October, 2006)

Detroit Labor Party Rallies for Benton Harbor Warrior (September, 2006)

Police Terrorize Benton Harbor Woman (September, 2006)

Are you still using a court-appointed attorney? (September, 2006)

How the Government Manipulated the War on Drugs to Create a Slave Prison Market (August, 2006)

Corrupt Benton Harbor, Mich. City Commissioner Faces Felony Charge (August, 2006)

What's the Solution to Poverty? (August, 2006)

If We Don't Hang Together, We'll Hang Separately (July, 2006)

Benton Harbor Prisoner Speaks Out (July, 2006)

Rev. Pinkney and supporters march through Benton Harbor during a rally in his defense before his trial.

Why are voting rights under attack? (July, 2006)

Whirlpool slashes jobs; Boycott Whirlpool (June, 2006)

Benton Harbor Residents Speak Out (June, 2006)

Infant deaths rise in Benton Harbor (June, 2006)

'My vision is of a different society,' says Benton Harbor woman (May, 2006)

In Benton Harbor it's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong (May, 2006)

Benton Harbor community speaks out (May, 2006)

The people of Benton Harbor, Mich. speak their minds (April, 2006)

Judge Sides with Prosecution in Benton Harbor Struggle for Justice (April, 2006)

Pinkney Trial Starts March 15; 'We call for justice in Benton Harbor' (March, 2006)

Supporters of Rev. Pinkney Will Rally for Justice in Benton Harbor March 11 (March, 2006)

Defend The People's Voice In Benton Harbor! (February, 2006)

Boycott Whirlpool products! (January, 2006)

Benton Harbor: Whirlpool, Stealing a City, and a Recall Election (Nov./Dec., 2005)

Benton Harbor, Mich: The next New Orleans? (October, 2005)

Benton Harbor, Michigan: A City Headed for Civil War (September, 2005)

Whirlpool Has Sucked the Life Out of Benton Harbor (August, 2005)

Benton Harbor Justice Rally A Success! (July, 2005)

Editorial: Democracy Under Attack (July, 2005)