5 years Later: Flint Water Disaster Alive and Well

This is dedicated to deaths of Lori Carter, age 57, Jassmine McBride, age 30, Mary J. Watson, age 43, along with scores of others who fell victim to the toxic Flint water and Legionella related illnesses from that water.

FLINT, MI — On April 25, 2014, the lives of Flint residents were changed forever. Yet five years later we still have a toxic water problem. We still have a water bills too high to pay problem. We still have a mental and physical health issue problem. Last but not least, we still have a democracy problem.

Despite all that we have been through, we are emboldened by building relationships across the state and the country for safe and affordable water. We are emboldened by our victory in beating back the proposals to undermine the Attorney General in Michigan—threatening to compromise our quest for remedies in the courts. We are emboldened by the electoral process that brings to the fore the need for healthcare for every man, woman, and child in this country. We are emboldened by the humanity of people around the country who continue to donate bottled water in our fight for survival. Finally we are emboldened by the growing consciousness of the people here, who are now raising the broader issue of not just WHO poisoned Flint (governor, et. al), but WHAT poisoned Flint (the drive for maximum profit through privatization by corporations).

Several events are being held to continue raising the voice and demands of the people of the five-year commemoration.

We fight on as the revolutionary General Gordon Baker inspired us to do: “In the legislature, the courts, and the streets!”

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