The Chicago Union of the Homeless Has Refounded!

The new Interim Executive Board members of the Chicago Union of the Homeless. Photo/Chicago Union of the Homeless

PTLN 11-20-20

The Chicago Union of the Homeless Has Refounded!

CHICAGO, IL – On October 24, 2020, a grassroots coalition of about 30 organizers with representatives from several diverse homeless communities across Chicago held a founding convention at a Church on the city’s west side (with COVID-safety protocols and a hybrid in-person/video-conference format) to formally reconstitute the Chicago Union of the Homeless (CUH) as a local chapter of the National Union of the Homeless (NUH), based on the model of the Chicago-Gary Area Union of the Homeless that led the housing movement in Chicago from 1986-1991.

We accepted the mission of the NUH (which officially reformed on June 19th, 2020), appointed an interim Executive Board, and established a political organization run by and for those experiencing homelessness to lead the struggle for guaranteed housing for all in America. This convention grew out of years of organizing efforts at the street level to connect major Chicago homeless encampments to each other and support them in their struggles to survive, memorialize the fallen, and resist harassment and abuse from government policies and practices.

We are now training for a Winter Offensive, in solidarity with other chapters of the NUH around the country, to lead actions designed to make politicians at the City, County, and State levels intervene in the growing crisis of homelessness, a crisis that threatens to take more lives than ever in the midst of a surging pandemic. We have already lost far too many beloved friends and neighbors to Chicago winters. We intend to save lives. Ultimately, we intend to end all forms of homelessness and poverty. In the words of the Preamble, we intend “to form a more perfect union… establish justice… and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

Mission of the National Union of the Homeless:

The heart and soul of the National Union of the Homeless is to commit our lives to ending homelessness and poverty and to work tirelessly for the human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, for social and economic justice for all. We dedicate ourselves to raising the awareness of our sisters and brothers, to planning a sustained struggle, and to building an organization that can obtain freedom through revolutionary perseverance. We pledge to deepen our personal commitment to end all forms of exploitation, racism, sexism, and abuse. True solidarity demands that we create not only the new society but also the new human being.

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