COVID-19 – Nurses at Risk Suspended and Fired

COVID-19 – Nurses at Risk Suspended and Fired

Front line health care workers who stand up for themselves, their patients and all of us are retaliated against by hospitals. Here are two of the many stories taking place across the country. – People’s Tribune


Nurses Suspended in CA for Refusing to Treat COVID-19 Patients Without N95 Masks

APR 17, 2020

In California, Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica has suspended 10 nurses who refused orders to treat COVID-19 patients without N95 masks and other personal protective equipment. In Michigan, where protesters on Wednesday defied a ban on gatherings to protest at the state Capitol, Republicans have introduced bills to strip Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of her power to order residents to maintain social distance. Whitmer has promised to veto the legislation. In Washington state, Boeing says it will begin bringing 27,000 employees back to factories to resume production of airplanes. It’s the first large-scale attempt by a U.S. manufacturer to resume operations.  — From Democracy, Now!


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Nurse Kenisha Barkai was fired recently from the Detroit Medical Center in Detroit, MI, during the current COVID-19 virus that is sweeping the nation. She is an essential worker performing life-saving procedures who must be protected. She is part of a team of healthcare professionals who recently spoke out about conditions at DMC, among them the insufficient supply of masks, gloves, external covering, test kits, swabs, ventilators, etc. Her honesty and concern on behalf of the patients makes her a “whistle-blower” deserving of protection during this unprecedented period.



1) All independent hospital systems must immediately form cooperative relationships that allow them to share patient assistance procedures.

2) Healthcare personnel must be allowed to perform their jobs without interference from hospital administration.

3)      Medical centers should make stronger demands for equipment needs used to address patient care needs since Medicare for All is not yet in place.

4)      Healthcare workers should be offered comparable wages with benefits and perks especially during this global pandemic that places them in danger every time they enter close quarters with highly infected patients.


If you agree and if you support this statement, post/share it everywhere!

Sinai Grace nurse fired for Facebook post; attorney says it was for union organizing

FOX 2 – Nurse Kenisa Barkai is now suing her former employer, Sinai-Grace Hospital.

In the weeks leading up to her firing – she was vocal about nurses being so overrun with COVID-19 patients – they couldn’t keep up. The hospital says, she was fired for a video she posted on social media. 

“In that video, it was just showing what I was wearing,” she said. 

Watch the entire video above that Barkai posted on Facebook, showing the protective wear nurses were donning to deal with COVID-19 patients.

“I have my gloves, my hair covering, my mask, my gown and I’m ready to rock and roll. I’m going in,” she says in the video.

Days later, she was in Human Resources at Sinai Grace Hospital, getting fired, an alleged violation of the hospital’s social media policy. 

“I was more in shock than anything because I didn’t feel I had done anything wrong,” she said.

Barkai and her attorney are convinced, it’s not why she lost her job in the middle of a pandemic.

“I definitely think they were using her as a scapegoat to try suppress other nurses speaking out,” said Attorney Jim Rasor.

But, it didn’t work. After she was fired came a walk out by ER nurses over work conditions at Sinai Grace, while others spoke up too.

“It has been like a war zone,” she said. “It is just emotionally overwhelming to hear these stories.”

Barkai says she was trying to unionize, and made it known she had plans to take her concerns to the state level.

“It’s fortunate that there is protection for Kenisa who is a whistle blower and a union organizer who was fired in retaliation for that activity,” Rasor said.

We asked Detroit Medical Center, who runs Sinai-Grace, about Kenisa – they don’t discuss personnel matters.

A spokesperson tells FOX 2; they are diverting additional resources like more nurses to treat COVID-19 patients.

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