Dr. Cornel West Moves CNN’s Anderson Cooper to Tears

PTLN 4.10.21

Dr. Cornel West Moves CNN’s Anderson Cooper to Tears

In a moving ten-minute interview last June, following George Floyd’s funeral, CNN’s anchor Anderson Cooper was moved to tears by Dr. Cornel West’s description of Black reaction to the 400 years of white supremacy and a continuous struggle to secure equality and decry inequality generation after generation. Commenting on the spiritual uplifting evidenced at the funeral, Dr. West spoke to the dangers of what we are up against in terms of the “neo-fascist clampdown that is coming,” and adding, “We cry because we care . . we are concerned. . . we are not numb on the inside . . .we don’t have a chilliness of soul . . . but then we must have a vision that includes all of us… and an analysis of power that is honest in terms of the greed, especially at the top in terms of the hatred . . . the corruption, not just the White House and Congress . . .. we are wrestling with this day by day and that’s why we need each other my brother . . .”

See the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkdRdrg3SsA

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