Energizing the Latino vote in Georgia

This pickup with an image of Stacey Abrams was designed in Texas and driven to Georgia for get out the vote efforts there. PHOTO/Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila

Energizing the Latino vote in Georgia

PTLN 12.24.20

By Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila

ATLANTA, GEORGIA—The Latino community had two wonderful events in the Atlanta area recently. The first was outside of El Progreso Market, and two hours later they participated in a car drive-in rally at the Santa Fe shopping center.

Actors Eva Longoria, America Georgine Ferrera and Kate del Castillo had come from California to join with local Latino leadership.

Leno Rose-Avila with actor Eva Longoria. PHOTO/Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila.

At the first event there was a wonderful truck with the image of Stacey Abrams in neon lights urging all to vote. This truck was designed in Texas and was driven to Georgia. At the second event this truck was joined by a huge trailer sponsored by Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Company, All One. This trailer had a huge heart and globe along with messages urging people to vote. They were handing out soaps and masks. This truck came from Ashville, North Carolina. This trailer also went around the country during the general election and will be working in Georgia for the special election. Both the truck and the trailer were at the second event.

Get out the vote trailer sponsored by Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Company, All One, that came to Georgia from Asheville, NC. PHOTO/Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila

Both of these campaign vehicles are being programed for many other GOTV efforts.

My work in Tijuana is in many ways supported by Dr. Bronner’s and I’ve had a good working relationship with them in behalf of human and environmental rights.

While at the first event I met an immigrant couple who were shopping there at the El Progreso Market, and asked if they had voted. They said no, that they were not qualified, but that their son who could vote asked for his mail-in ballot. We thanked them for their son voting and asked that they encourage all of their family and friends who could vote to cast their ballots.

Carolyn and Leno with newly elected Georgia state legislator Zulma Lopez. PHOTO/Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila

Note: The Republicans are working hard to turn out their vote.

The Republican Party is spending Mega Bucks and is sending teams of celebrities out all over the state. Trump has been here once and Pence three times. And there is A rumor that Trump will return on January 4.

While there are some internal squabbles amongst their ranks they [Republicans] still have a powerful GOTV apparatus and they will at the same time continue to work to suppress the vote where they can. In some counties they are limiting the number of early voting sites.

While we on our side are running hard already, we must continue doing all that is possible to support this election turn out.

We must ask everyone to vote early. Every vote is precious.

Work as if your life depended on it.

This is not just about Georgia but it is about moving needed National Legislation out of the Senate. We will need to win both of the Senate seats in Georgia in order to have the Senate helping instead of hurting our citizens.

We have a lot of people working with us nationally and we need to keep this coalition of ours working to get all the votes delivered that are needed by Jan. 5. If we stay, dream and work together, we can deliver a victory which will benefit all Americans.

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